Lack of public outrage against Mehsud’s killing upsets Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday expressed his disappointment over the people’s reaction against Hakimullah Mehsud’s killing.
“I was hoping the entire nation, including the media and opposition, would be on the same page and that we would show a stern reaction to America,” Imran said while speaking in the National Assembly. He accused the US of derailing Pakistan’s peace process by killing TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud, hours before peace talks with political parties were to commence.
“I am disappointed,” he continued, “Instead of saying that the peace process has been sabotaged, people started saying that those in support of peace talks are supporters of terrorists.”
“This is perhaps the most difficult time for Pakistan,” he said, “How can we move forward if talks are not moving forward?”
He emphasised the need for Pakistan to present a united front so that drone strikes were discontinued, and noted that the attacks had only served to divide Pakistanis.
The PTI chairman also bemoaned the expenses of engaging in the war on terror. Pakistan was spending Rs 90 billion per month on war, he said, adding that the money could instead have been used on education and health.


  1. Yes great Khan, a seminary dropout living in $120,000.00 mansion & driving in a convoy of SUV's is your hero. Where as an average university graduate has difficulty in getting a job, affording a bicycle (I know, I had been there), has to live in a third class dwelling with his/her parents is not worth considering. I love you Imran, because you love our enemies (probably Jesus said that).

  2. hakim ullahas death has exposed hidden face of imran khan ,munawaar hasan and many others
    man is recognized by the company he keeps and imran khan is very close ally of munawar hassan

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