Man kills wife, newborn daughter


A father of six daughters killed his youngest, 10-day old daughter and wife in Sheikhupura.

Amir, a resident of Wara Karim Bakhsh, started beating his wife on her return from the hospital after she gave birth to a sixth daughter.

Amir killed the newborn daughter by drowning her in a water tub.

The man got enraged when the wife and her relatives protested over the killing of the newborn baby.

The heartless man shot his wife to death when she was asleep.

According to SHO police station Saleem Niazi, the accused Amir has confessed to the crime.

However, the SHO said the man appeared to be mentally unstable.

The family members of Amir and his murdered wife have demanded an exemplary punishment to given to him.


  1. Its not about the religion but broader than religion called humanity. Islam promotes the equality of men and women , black and whites.

    • "Islam promotes the equality of men and women , black and whites"

      haha thank you I needed that laugh. you could not be more wrong.

    • well, muslims killed men and women, blacks and whites equally on 9/11 so in that sense he's right. But if you mean, equal wherever islam is te main religion, you need serious help bro. Wherever the pedo-prophet rules there is no freedom

      • Well, I don't like to use this stupid way of convincing people actually , but for some people like YOU it's a must. Hitler was christian and he killed black white children women Jews and Christians. So that makes him what a Muslim, It's about the people it's not about where they are from , what color they are or what's their religion.


          According to Speer, Hitler stated in private, "The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?"[205] Speer also stated that when he was discussing with Hitler events which might have occurred had Islam absorbed Europe:

          Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate and conditions of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire."

          — Albert Speer

  2. Shame on those who disrespect religion! If you don’t know anything about it then it’s better to not leave such comments. Women have a high status in islam and men and women are equal. Just because the media portrays islam in such a way does not in anyway make it true. How about using an accurate source before making judgments? The problem is not the religion, it is the people. Just like the stereotypical person(s) who passed judgment and attacked islam before acknowledging whether this information on this page is accurate. So if your mentality is this way, then this man also has a mentality too! The psychological mind(s) of people need to be treated.

    • Zara how about you read ur own bloody "HOLY BOOK", the Koran because from ur comments it's obvious you never have. You say women have a high status in Islam. What a joke. Ur religion pretty much says that as a woman you are a halfwit that can be passed around to any man as they see fit. You can be beaten and raped and you have no rights. Where in all that is equality ?
      Come on, i'm sure we'd all love to read what you've got to say about respect and equality for women in Islam.
      Bring it on !!!

      • Paula do you remember how many men you have slept with? How you are required to show your legs even in winters and keep your cleavage visible at most times, It looks silly while all men are fully clothed you appear in the cultured point of tattered clothing? Is this all given in your "bloody" Bible? You,the female species are just an object of pleasure in your society and in your ultimate desire to please the men you forget that there are civilised societies in the world who respect women. Read your Bible and Holy Qur'an and then understand what you should be following. I am sure you will make the right choice especially as winters have set in.

        • Musilmaan how about Sharia Law?Did you read it?I don't think so, otherwise you wouldn't say a word about "civilized societies in the world who respect women"…It's far away for being civilized when according to Sharia law " A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old"," A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s", and more and more.This "civilized societies" still stone women to death.

        • Musilmaan, who exactly is it that "requires" women to show their legs in winter and show their cleavage at all times? What stupidity is this? Do you think descending to personal insults against a woman you have never met (eg. "do you remember how many men you have slept with?") is going to prove your claims – or merely show you up as someone who has no valid argument to offer and therefore has to content himself with childish insults?

      • `Have you read it yourself Paula ?!
        I truly doubt that, you only read what they said about it , so stop acting stupid and read it or shut up !
        Well, I don't like to use this stupid way of convincing people actually , but for some people like YOU it's a must. Hitler was christian and he killed black white children women Jews and Christians. So that makes him what a Muslim, It's about the people it's not about where they are from , what color they are or what's their religion.

    • Women are equal to Men in Islam? High Status in Islam? are you kidding Miss Zara?when this ever happen in Muslim Society?
      disregarding Media,,look around you in Muslim Arab World,,In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive while men do.that's only an example..
      therefore,Women are just like a personal belonging(s)/ things to Men.

    • You are right, women do have a high status, the are among some of the better belongings, right up there with camels and donkeys, a bit lower then cars. A woman that can not give him a son is worthless……. So they believe it is the woman's fault…… Seems like he needs to go back to school and learn who he really needed to off….…HIMSELF !!!!!

    • Zara, you follow a pedophile who says you need 4 male ( muslim) witnesses to prove rape. Have you heard of DNA. Secondly modern science has proved that the male determines the sex of the child, and not he mother. As the koran says sperm is made in around the back bone and modern western science proves that the koran is just erroneous. Islam is not a region, it is however a government. The pedophile himself said that "islam is a religion and a government". The government of who, JESUS savs and heals, satan kills, you follow satan, I believe that allah is satan, and the pedophile is his messenger. Last point your government cuts vargina's and puts a garbage bag over your heads, that is true respect

      • Where have my comments gone? Shame on you dirty pakis for taking it down. You people promote hate. And Allah is the all knowing… I can see that there is a dedication on this page. May Allah curse all you reporters. Especially the editor Arif. You juhodi mah chood. Please ask this editor who funds this website and the media in pakistan as well as all over the world. JEWS! And not the believing Jews.. I’m talking about the atheists. This is all for their messiah.. The dajjal. Many have tried but you too will fail trying to cause corruption and hate in this land. May Allah guide the righteous on to the right path and keep people like The editors of this website in error so one day they will taste the punishment of tyranny and causing hate and corruption. No doubt this will be deleted too. Inshallah the religion of islam will stay strong despite these horrid comments. Mankind was created with intellect, therefore people can always find the true meaning of islam and the truth about the world.

  3. Where in the article does it say the man is muslim?

    Spread love not hatred, don’t involve religion if there is no grounds.

  4. Sad people… All Indians are on pakistan news today website.. Commenting on issues that really have nothing to do with yourselves. Then daring to speak about religion. You norms don’t realise that islam is the final word of God. God… Allah sent down the other books to your type of ppl and as they were then they are the same today… Arrogant. Your fore fathers denied as you are today. As for people like Paula who believe that islam oppresses women then they should do some research as islam and it’s cultures were the first to give women any authority by the word of god. Haters will hate. What this man has done is unacceptable islamicly, therefore he will be dealt with accordingly. It’s pathetic that another mans sin is being broadcasted as such and know that the person broadcasting this is just as bad.

    • Hello, khaliq. You're wasting time trying to defend yourself and/or ALL followers of the qur'an. I happen to have it (malik shakir version)…and I'm wondering if you're aware of what the book and instructions contain?

      You see, I know of the surahs/hadiths… how they've been constantly abrogated. I also know of mohammed's life; he was illiterate and prone to epileptic seizures..his life and death (via the hand of one of his baby wives…a Jewish child-bride wife, Aisha). Did you know that Aisha was only 6 years old?
      Are you aware of how he 'thighed' young girls…then proceeded teaching the other muslim men how to 'thigh'?

      Know this; If mohammed were alive today…in this 21st century…he would be treated with anticonvultants and/or antipsychotic and likely hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. He would definitely reside at Guantanamo Bay.

      Make no mistake, he was NOT a moral man nor did he have anything spiritual in him…or an ounce of 'heavenly light' to teach his fellow-brethren-arabs. No..khaliq, mohammed wasn't anything even remotely close to being a true 'prophet'. However, he did make quite a 'profit' from all of the pillaging and thievery………..A.K.A. JIHAD.

      In the ENTIRE qur' will not find any prophecy..nor is the word 'Jerusalem' mentioned..not once!!!! Explain please, khaliq, if Jerusalem is so sacred to important, WHY do muslims bend/kneel facing mecca??? With their backsides (asses) in the air..their backs and soles of their shows to Jerusalem? Islam is not a religion, is an ideology..cultish..and a LIE.
      I could continue, but I've tired of the 'subject' and tolerance is gone.
      I'll finish by asking you a question, khaliq;
      "Why did you choose the name 'khaliq' when you 'converted'? You are aware that the name, khaliq, means 'heavenly'……yes / no?

      Take Care & May GOD Direct You Back To Him & His Way.

  5. Oh and these keyboard worriors aren’t worth the time of day. Hiding behind computers, hating on islam. You lot don’t have the decency to use your real name. Hey if you have a opinion, express it openly.. Don’t be scared to state your name… Especially when your IP address is quite easily accessible. Think before you type.

    • I commented using my real name, took no precautions to hide my ip address either! Careful though I'm not some cowering in the corner afraid of men little mouse, like your obviously used to dealing with. I am a Christian, American woman. Face it there is nothing you can do that would affect me whatsoever!! I live in America and can say whatever I like. We all see islam for the violent waste of time it is. I hope you never meet a real women, I don't think you will survive.

  6. While the article doesn't say it outright he killed her for having only girls. Uneducated idiot doesn't even know it's the male that determines the sex of the baby.

  7. Arrogance. I have personally researched Christianity.. As well as other religions. One of you Jews please mind telling me why it has the muslim prophets name in your Torah? Now as for Christianity, Jesus most definitely spoke about another coming of a prophet. The bit which describes the prophet is missing from the bible. The bible which btw has a new and a Old Testament which was created by people. A religion that has been divided. The exact same has happened with the Judaism. Not many people know that Jesus and Moses are prophets of islam. And that in islam Jesus will return. There is too much arrogance in this world. Which god does not like. People like Mary and Vicky.. Arrogant. Vicky how do you know where I’m from? How can you judge something before knowing facts. I have not even bothered reading your comments.. Yet I bet your sitting at your computer for a reply. You will remember the day you made such statements of Allah on judgement day. And Mary, it’s athiest that are the enemy. Now my point was never to cause any grief with the comments I have left. Anyway I have no time for your ignorance and arrogance. No where in this article does it state this mans religion. Educate yourself or maybe try googling how many Christians there are in pakistan. Oh and btw how is America doing? Has it opened up yet? Lol!!

  8. Mary, which Quran are you reading? And you’ve proved your ignorance by assuming I’m a convert. And again by assuming I’ve changed my name. Khaliq btw means the creator… LOL. Mary your illiterate and you saying Khaliq means heavenly, proves it. You quite clearly haven’t read anything on islam and if you have you’ve either been very stupid to read the wrong thing or are a liar. And I believe the latter. That means your a liar. May ALLAH curse you for trying to take people away from the righteous path. I bet you believe in your silly little eye symbol too. It’s people like you that create hate and fascism. And as for the prick that’s talking about hitler. That guy was a JEW. That war was all about creating fascism and killing the true honest Jewish people was the way for this.. And it has done exactly that, created hate. So don’t dare say it’s related to islam. Idiotas.

  9. Here fuk this website!! I hope the creator dies a horrible death. As well as you jon. Shame the Jewish media control won’t let the truth out.

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