‘I am Malala’ banned in private schools



Malala Yousufzai’s recent book ‘I am Malala’ will be banned completely due to its ‘controversial’ contents in all private schools across the country, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The decision was announced by All Pakistan Private Schools Federation President Mirza Kashif on Wednesday who said children were idealising Malala and reading her book will leave them in a ‘confused’ state of mind.

“Our academics have thoroughly studied her (Malala’s) book and have concluded that reading that book will only confuse our children. Malala’s defence of Salmaan Rushdie in the name of freedom of expression, not writing Peace Be Upon Him after the name of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and criticising the Quranic injunctions about the status of women in testifying as witnesses are only a few things which will challenge the ideological foundations of our next generation,” Kashif said while talking to Pakistan Today.

Interestingly, the private schools owners have taken the decision on their own while the government has nothing to do with the decision.

“It (the book) is not part of the curriculum and hence the government has nothing to do with our decision. The federation has taken the decision on its own in order to save children from getting confused,” Kashif added.

Further explaining the ban, he said, it would not be allowed to keep the book in any school library or use for co-curricular activities – essay writing or debating competitions.

“We can see from her writing that she has not authored the book herself. Even if she has, it creates a lot of doubt amongst our kids regarding religion which we, being Muslims, can never allow,” he added.

To a question, he said the federation included all private schools, big or small, in the entire country and any decision was meant for all (private schools).

However, some officials seeking anonymity maintained that security threat could be a reason behind banning the book which became ‘controversial’ in the country right after its publication.

Recently, a very famous private school chain, Lahore Grammar School, got involved into a controversy over imparting sexual education and teaching comparative religion. The government took action when the news was aired on a TV channel and the officials confiscated the controversial books and material from the campus.

“The decision was taken because the government actually felt that the particular campus could be under threat because of this and the same kind of consideration might have prompted for banning the Malala’s book,” the official added.

It is pertinent to mention that Malala’s book stirred controversy at home as well after its publication. Renowned journalists – Ansar Abbasi and Talat Hussain – criticised her for showing a complete disregard for the sentiments of Muslims besides creating a doubt in their articles that a 16-year-old could actually write such an in-depth analysis on international relations.

On the other hand, renowned physicist and academician Professor Pervaiz Hoodbuoy defended her for her writings and bravery. Supporters of both sides have been slugging it out on the social media since Abbasi and Hoodbuoy got into a heated debate on a TV show defending their viewpoints.


  1. The blocking knowledge or any information is a sin and it never works. Which information has not reached to public. Its onlt delay tectics that is means in its core.

    • You got that right brother.

      It is shameful that a cartel thinks Malala book 'confuses' children? But, they never stand up against the falsehoods being propagated in school books. Distorted History, teaching wrong values etc.

      I have read Malala book and it is a wonderful testament to a spirit of world class modernity, without shedding the cultural roots. Pakistanis should've been proud of this young lady. Sad they have dug themselves too deep in to a hole.

      • Can you defend that statement? Not only is the banning of books immoral, it is also ineffective. By banning Malala's book, Kashif acknowledges the strength of the argument it makes. To stifle the spread of knowledge is to admit your own ignorance.

  2. .
    I see that 'sattar rind' (above) got a 'thumb down' on his comment …
    Is that the common sentiment in Pakistan ???
    If he wanted a lot of 'thumbs up' (I guess) he should have said:
    "Congratulations and thank you for making us 'more Pure' …"

    • Here is one 'Thumb Down' to you – Supporting Malala cannot (from now on) project us good people; and not supporting her cannot project us as bad people. Grow up!

    • Well you see the book was writen by someone that has always had a bad word to write about pakiistan so that is one off the reason the book has had bad press in pakistan and I think Mallila is not mature enough to know what is good for her public image

  3. Their hired guns tried to kill her and she survived. Thanks to British hospitality and NHS. Now after failing to physically eliminating her, they are trying to use every dirty trick in the trade to block her ideas.

  4. Hah so-called liberals sympathise only things that defame Pakistan …. malala or mullah-stunts all succeed in further diverting the nation from core issues !

    • .
      You talk about 'defame' …
      You won't say what is causing 'degradation' is whole lot more important …
      You won't consider what kind of education creates a 'tolerant' society …
      You won't see people live in a better 'harmony' in a tolerant society …

    • I'm pretty sure the liberation of women is a core issue…

      Malala has support because the world wants Pakistan to become a better country, and the consensus is that giving women rights makes you a better country.

    • Core issues –
      1. Women's education
      2. Girls education
      3. Education for everyone

      Studies show time and again that in order for a country to progress, what is important?
      To educate, especially girls.
      Any government, or group that attempts to oppose education is doomed to failure, and will be a target for the worst kind of inhumanities.

  5. This tiny secular mindset as projected by Malala (and her book) has always been threatening pakistani true nationalism.
    To get rid of this problem, we should have a very tight control and complete ban on pro-western NGOs in the country who provide secular recipes for such mindset.
    God bless long live Pakistan

    • Yes Dr. And you can lead the march of the people straight back to the 7 th century…how did you ever become a DR….you didn't learn that in a Madrassah…people who want tight control over other peoples minds are sick mindset…if anyone follows your recipes they will never learn how to live peacefully in the 21 st century…

      • Which world are you living in? There is a suttle difference betweem nationalism and being nationalistic. Do you want to live in a hermetically sealed box? A debate is healthy for a society be it Malala's book or otherwise. Long live Pakistan where different opinions are shared but please don't kill lawful rights—-i mean right to get education and knowledge. Even our Prophet (BPH) recommended it.

    • "God bless long live Pakistan" Yes. But that does not equate with wanting your type of idiocy to live long in Pakistan! Hope the madness of blocking minds does die and the country gets rid of the problem of all extremist thought so that questioning and Islam survive. Islam prospered in freedom, not in lack of freedom of thought !!!! No one was confused then. Fools & mindless are being born in the majority today in this mind-controlled Pakistan. While creativity and inventions are mainly in the past, which we quote as evidence. But near to no evidence today!

    • Yes! And reject all western aid and investment and remittance! Let Pakistan stand on its own two feet, with the aid only of all the ummah! And resist all western innovations that weaken Muslim resolve, such as Zionist-inspired medical and communication technology.

  6. Malala's was suposed to be a feel-good story but the witch-hunting and demonization of Malala by grown men just goes to show the lows to which Pakistanis have sunk. I don't see any hope for a country, which its people are so hell-bent to turn into a 7th century dystopia. Sad.

  7. And Pakistanis wonder why the world distrusts and despises them? If they can't celebrate a first rate hero, born in their midst – and call Hakimullah a martyr, while spewing venom on this admirable girl – what else do you expect the world to do?

    Admire such hideous display of mediaevalism?

    • Sadly Pakistan is now abhorred and despised by most of the rest of the world as a failed, terrorist, hate filled, child killing banana republic. It's hard not accept that they are right.

  8. Article by Ayaz Amir is highly enlightened. Lets hope that our ruling clique understands his thoughts and religiously follow it. I hope this is in our interest.

  9. Ye qoum gehri neend mai so raha hai. Iss ko sony do. Koi aisi kitab ya aaly ki ijazat nhe jo is qoum ko jagahy.

  10. All people of all countries are dissatisfied with their governments at different levels. There was the Occupy Wallstreet Movement in the US; and an anti-corruption crusade in India by Anna Hazare and team.
    Only the common man can group together and fight corruption in any country. Help yourselves!

  11. I suspect Private schools feel they will be attacked by extremists, especially as the TTP is present in droves in Punjab. Not that TTP have not infiltrated Sindh in large numbers to control Sindh, which is not in its origins at all extremist, but carries a very open minded Sufic tradition. TTP is encircling all Cities and town using masajid. And JI and all religious political parties are their supporters. Munawar Hasan has already publicly declared that he will carry on the legacy of Baitullah "Shaheed". So what should non-extremist citizens expect?

  12. It is really amazing to see better response to Malala news.It has nothing to do with what she is up to or in fact what are the people up to who are taking care of her father and her. There are better news items to comment upon and contribute yet one finds hardly any response!! Look around and stop becoming sycophants of those who are our enemies but not Malala's or her Father's.

  13. Malala is not so much educated that she may write any book herself. I do'nt knoe what is her actual qualification but I am sure she was a student in a school when she was attacked while coming home from her school. She has not done even Matric so far how can she write a book? It appears the book has been written by someone else and only her name has been used as such. However she has earned enough and also fame in the western circles who are using her everywhere to achieve their ulterior motives and she is only a pupper in their hands.

  14. Is your ideology/faith so weak that it can't withstand a differing view? Banning the book has only drawn more attention to it. Then the kids will want to read it BECAUSE of the ban. Who knows, those children may discover a different outlook and abandon that frail, questionable ideology which chooses protectionist censorship.

  15. Its good that secular Malala has been banned for getting admission in private school. Principally this is wrong decision. But there is good opportunity for her to get admission in england (Oxford) or in USA Harward.
    She might get a chance to study in a school which fits well to her father desire and her personal secular mindset. She may not deserve to be in muslim state now.
    She should take help from Chrintina Lamb or ask Barak Obama.

  16. Malala is only a puppet, script writers are the others, however, as far as she is concerned, she has sold her soul to the Western Glamour and unexpected wealth, all on the behest if her father (an opportinist of yhe highiest order and this erra).
    Educationists have decided to keep such publications awY from our coming generations as people if concious and integrity. My highiest Regards for them.

    • Her father may well be an opportunist, but he wasn't one of the cowards who shot an unarmed teenage girl in the head. What will happen to the so-called 'souls' of people who think such things are acceptable actions? And you have the nerve to speak of conscience and integrity!

      It doesn't matter in the slightest if every word in her book was written by her or by script writers if there are ideas in it which challenge beliefs then so be it. If the beliefs are so weak that they can't withstand being questioned then they deserve to be challenged. If the beliefs are justified and correct then all challenges and questions should be welcomed. Anything else is cowardice of the lowest regard.

  17. Most people are commenting on the evils of this book and its author. However, one wonders how many of us have actually read it. Rather than relying on other people's opinions about it, as adults we should see what exactly she has to say and then decide for ourselves.

    • Actually, I red the book, I'm sorry I could not get that feeling for which I red it, more west ran and American lobe clearly shown. Time has come and people of the world experiencing specially from Pakistan any word from the mouth of anyone favoring foreign agenda is not being welcome anymore, I think Malala is the part of it. we would love to make our children more civilized and patriotic.

      • "civilized and patriotic" Yes, but in some countries we understand that those things don't need to be mutually exclusive. I am a westerner (sorry about that) but I am on this website trying to understand an analyse other points of view. I am somewhat 'patriotic' but don't believe that just because my country is the one I was born in that it is better than other countries due to the accident of my birth. All peoples and nations have great things to contribute – African, Asian, South American (including the pre-existing native cultures there) to us a humans as a whole. I am cheered greatly when I read about the vast reduction of starvation and poverty in China, I welcome the elimination of Polio throughout most of the world, I am saddened by devastation in The Phillipines and the United States where ordinary people suffer from wild storms. What I don't do is wrap myself up in my flag and plug my ears to what the rest of the peoples around the world have to say – even if I don't agree with them.

  18. Bankrupt, corrupt, fought with terrorism and murder, Pakistan will only be a blip in history. The Islamists ideas will only cheat extreme poverty to a point where India will use Pakistanis as domestic servants…..

  19. “No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.
    The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness.
    If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.” — Kahlil Gibran

    And only God can keep the sun from rising in the east. –Me

  20. You should burn this book. Actually, you should burn all books.

    Knowledge and critical thinking transfered in books are imminent threats to the Ummas islāmī. Burn them all and make it a better world in the long run. A world without any knowledge and technology in the wrong hands.

      'So long as there is this book, there will not be peace in the world' – Gladstone, Prime Minister to Queen Victoria.
      'Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities' – Voltaire.
      'You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog' – Ashin Wirathu.

      And the book? Here's a clue… (but you'll have to fill in the blanks)

      'Islam is as dangerous in a man, as rabies in a dog' -Winston Churchill

  21. Islam is defamed only because of lovely PAKISTAN.Nothing wrong with Malala,s book,The kind of Islam practise in Pakistan,will harm very much this country.MALALA is a brave daughter of Pakistan

  22. Islam is defamed by the hypocrisy and contradictions of those who claim to be the self assumed guardians of this religion and criminals like Hakimullah Mehsud or Fazalauulah who kill innocent unarmed citizens and than term their barbarities as Jehad. Islam is not served.when men like Maulana Fazalur Rehman do politics on it, or when Men like Munawar of JI issue insane fatwas defining Jehad. If MaulanaFazalur Rehman wants to wage Jehad, let him and his son lead the campaign, instead of exploiting the illiterate poor, whose sons are brainwashed to give their lives for a cause, for which the Maulana and his family are not willing to give their own lives. As for Malala, she has served this country and done more good to project Islam as a religion of peace, which it is, instead of the cult that Hakimullah Mehsud would like it to be correlated to.

  23. By banning the book they bring more attention to it. Nothing will get more people to read it than saying "don't read this book!"

  24. Is Islam such a weak belief system that it is in fear of crumbling if it is allowed to be exposed to even the slightest criticism or subjected to clear examination?

  25. Her book is ban by the entire education establishment in Pakistan? All is dust in 1000 years time except stone. Book and establishment are dust. Do not fight over dust. Live today.

  26. If Islam were really the "true faith", its adherents would be able to read books expressing different ideas without fear of losing their faith. But you all know that Islam is really a Lie – and that, once your children have been exposed to different opinions and start to think for themselves, they will discover the Truth – that Muhammad was a False Prophet.

  27. dear friends ,
    it was expected that reactions more negative less positive from pakistani flag will emerge on the release of book.
    i am sure private schools have taken this step to divert talaban attanetion politically and nullify the anger of alike sectors.this is not true bann it is shadow ban and does not reflect masses decision at all.
    on he other side of the picture malala is not milking child nor she is ordinary woman, she has passed through a trama of bullets and bombs and terror and death.the area swat where she was in school is not co operative for boys school what to talk of girls schooling .

  28. We are members of such a nation who is confused in every sphere of its national life.Can somebody really tell me that is defending Suleman Rushdie version of freedom of expression is true representation secularism.Is it noble in the name of Malala that someone as is writing her biography and try to incorporate its agenda in the name of malala.
    For god sake, Islam is not evil,it is our interpretation of Islam which is indeed venomous.

  29. it is obvious that book was not written by malala.the decision taken by president private school is appriciateable . we congratulate to kashif sb taking the decision timely.


  31. Education is on of the true representatives of the truth. If Pakistan supports people who does not want to accept the truth then this country will go back to the stone ages. I wish Pakistan will not do it. I hope commonsense prevails.

  32. The book does well only one thing, that is, it gives the reader an insight on how immature Malala is for passing statements on issues she knows very little about. New ideas should be original for one not borrowed from your father or authors such as Christina Lamb. On a side note, she writes in her book that she likes Twilight series. That was the last straw for my doubt of her intelligence.

  33. If her book (undoubtedly ghost-written but also obviously with Malala's input) is not to your taste then ignore it – just don't presume to ban others from reading it. I agree that the Twilight series is a bunch of made-up stories incorporating illogical, other-wordly, supernatural nonsense that could never happen in the real world. But I thought you like that sort of thing?

  34. Daughter of East Malala Yousuf Zai is mother of one babygirl withour marriage.
    Weldone daughter of East.

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