Lal Masjid murder case: Bail submitted, Musharraf to walk free


An additional sessions judge submitted a written order granting the release of former president Pervez Musharraf in the murder case of cleric Ghazi Abdul Rasheed during the Lal Masjid operation.

Musharraf’s bail of two surety bonds of Rs. 0.1 million each was submitted to the court earlier on Wednesday.

The judge said a police joint investigation had deemed the evidence insufficient, declaring Musharraf innocent.

Musharraf’s farmhouse – that had been notified as a sub jail earlier – will be cleared and the jail staff that was guarding it will leave.

On November 4, a trial court had granted Musharraf his request for bail in connection with the murder as there was not enough evidence linking him to the crime.

Musharraf was arrested on October 10 on the order of Islamabad High Court (IHC) over the alleged murder of the deputy cleric of Lal Masjid, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and his mother during a military operation in 2007. The ex-president had filed an application before the Additional District and Sessions Court and sought bail in this case.

During the course of hearing on October 30, attorneys from both the sides completed their arguments and judgment had been reserved till November 1. The hearing had further been delayed to November 4 to allow the prosecution more time to collect evidence.

General Musharraf’s counsel, Ilyas Siddiqui, had maintained that his client was wrongly implicated in the case as the First Information Report (FIR) was based on malafide intentions.

Advocate Tariq Asad, representing the prosecution, termed the court’s decision unlawful, adding that they fully intend to challenge this decision.


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    • Jamshed,first,Kharian is a place very dear to my heart,my first school was in Kharian(1967),infact,I was in Kharian in 2011 as I was visiting my brother for few days and played golf,he was the corp commander back then.As for General Musharraf,we all knew he would walk free one day,yes he has money in the States,but its from companies and universities paying him 100 grand(one crore) to come and speak for an hour.

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        • From your comment and level of english,its clear I will not be able to make you understand.General Musharraf is a brilliant mind,go back and read the history and see what he did with the economy of Pakistan.The man has more guts and vision than all the political idiots put together,sure he made some mistakes at the end and who doesn't,if you must know,he even admitted to a lot of those mistakes,who does that in this day and age,but pound per pound,he is the best we ever saw,quit listening to the uneducated idiots like yourself and invest a little time education yourself about the history.By the way,some very smart people around the globe want to hear him speak,you wouldn't understand.

  2. Let us face it–The ex.President cum COAS has won his tryst with destiny. He first escaped a murderous attempt on his life by the PM of the day and later on as the President escaped numerous attempts on his life. He was saluted out of the army and left the country on his own volition. Against all the odds he returned to contest elections but was denied his human rights and charged with all possible crimes. He was incacerated in a subjail. He refused plea bargaining and faced the independent judiciary and either has been released on bail or acqitted. He could have easily called in the "doctor" and left the country. Now he is still on exit control. For what? Even our arch enemy's Generals marvelled at him for spending a night with his troops in Kargill(india). He has made on deals with the Govt. The man is now 70 years old. Show him some respect . He has served the counry well. Treat him equally well.

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