Violence in Karachi reaches an all-time high; 11 dead


At least 11 people were shot dead in Karachi last night during different incidents of targeted killings.

Three people were killed in the relatively ‘safe’ Defence area, while three others were shot down in Baldia Town, Mehran Town and the Goldmark Plaza respectively.

Mufti Tariq Shah and his ally were gunned down in the Akhtar Colony area while two others were shot down in the Korangi area.

The city witnessed incidents of sectarian violence yesterday as well when four people of the Shia community were killed. A plastic surgeon was targeted near Liberty Chowk, Tariq Road, while a medical technician in Manghopir was shot down in the Garam Chashma area. A tailor belonging to the Shia community was murdered along with his Sunni friend when armed motorcyclists opened fire at his shop in the FC area.

Another individual, Muhammad Shan, was gunned down near the Patel Hospital while he was taking the zuljanah for ziarat.


  1. Rangers are busy in operation.Murderers and terrorist are killing people.Coas met Major General who is heading Rangers and admired the operations success. ChiefMinister is captain of the operation and also Chaudry Nisar is involved as interior Minister then why the people are suffering ? How may criminals and suspected criminal have been punished by the courts ? We need a die-har operation not the soft one ?

  2. In Karachi MQM Target Killers and terrorists are active once again. Interior Minister should take serious notice of the worst law and order situation in Karachi. MQM only misleads and make fool of common people with their new dirty tactics. C.I.D and F.I.A. and other agencies should arrest MQM criminal Masterminds, specially the bloody culprit Altaf Hussain who is enjoying in U.K. AKBAR KHAN

  3. First and foremost, our condolences go out to the victims’ families. Too many people have lost their lives to indiscriminate killings in the city, and the need of the hour is to send a stern message to the criminals. The law and order must preside in order to restore peace in the city. We stand by the government of Pakistan and fully support their efforts to negate the threat of violence. We hope to see peace prevail throughout the city. It is simply in our best interest to see a safe and secure Pakistan. Our forces are fighting the terrorists on both sides of the border, and we hope to remain unified in regards to our peace objectives in the region.

    Ali Khan
    DET, United States Central Command

  4. Ah classic the MQM dogs are at it again they started losing the grasp in karachi so they initiated plan kill whee they will kill innocent civilians. im not even suprised anymore but i know one this nawaz or pml n or ppp are not about to save our people the only chance for our belibed pakistan to even survive is for Mr.Imran Khan to rise to power ….
    Imran Khan for Pakistan… it even rhymes.. 😀

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