TTP confirms image released on social media is Mehsud’s


The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Monday confirmed an image released on the social media of its slain leader Hakimullah Mehsud captured just before his burial.
The image, which shows the former TTP chief with stains of blood over his beard and coagulated nosebleed, went viral across the social media.
According to reports, Mehsud’s abdomen and chest were badly wounded in the drone attack that became the cause of his death.
Analysts say the TTP released the image on the social media so that Mehsud’s followers and sympathisers could have an “Akhri Deedar” (Seeing the face of the dead for the last time before burial).
Mehsud was killed in a US drone strike in Dande Darpakhel area of the North Waziristan tribal region on Friday.


    • his death is an eye opener for all – May his wife find good soul to marry again and lead a normal life.

  1. Muslim Leader is killed by zionist usa forces and of course pakistani english elits are happy!

  2. We are confused about terrorism. After watching response from parties like PTI, JI and PML N It seems that a great son of Pakistan has been killed by USA, But the fact is that Americans killed a terrorist who was involved and responsible for killings of innocent people of Pakistan. World is clear about terrorism and know about thier enemies. I dont know when we will get rid of our confusion. Allah hamaray hal per reham karay

    • You dumb f U c K, the parties are trying not have a reaction from the taliban which YOUR mommy USA enraged too such an extent that the parties have to give such responses.

  3. His deal of death was done in Washington during Nawaz Sharif visit, for bounty of 5 Millions American dollars to ISI and Nawaz half. Nawaz sharif had sold also Emel Kansi to America for bounty of 9 Million American dollars.

  4. anybody who commits crimes or anything must be brought to the justice to face the law not the death.

    • .
      If you understand law, then law …
      If you understand gun, then gun …
      I will speak in your language …

  5. aik dehshatgard apnay anjaam ko poncha. he will burn in jahannum. jo log es dehshat gard ko shaeed keh rahay hain wo bhi dehshat gard log hain jo pakistan aur pakistani awam k dost nhi dushman hain jo pakistan ki jarain khokhli kr rahay hain. aisay logon per LAANAT ……LAANAT……LAANAT

  6. So shall you reap! Must be partying with his 72 in heaven and some will be partying with his wife now. Go to hell.

  7. i dont know why the persons taking about the afghanistans taliban that they are right on their place, but the same persons are against of the TTP. Recently after the death of hakkemulah muhsood the afghan talban gave a report in the fever of TTP.

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