Musharraf granted bail in Ghazi murder case


The last hurdle in the way of former President Pervez Musharraf to fly back was removed on Monday when a trial court granted the former president his request for bail in connection with the murder of a Lal Masjid cleric.

Additional Session Judge Wajid Ali has approved the bail petition of former president in the Abdul Rasheed Ghazi murder case.

The court has granted bail to the former president ordering him to submit two surety bonds, each worth Rs.100,000, in the Ghazi murder case.

During the hearing on Monday, Musharraf’s counsel made a plea that it was mandatory under the national judicial policy to announce the decision on bail petition within five days. He added that the hearing of the petition had already been adjourned seven times and prayed that the matter should no longer be kept in abeyance.

The counsel further said whatever the decision, it would be accepted.

The plaintiff’s lawyer said that the matter should be deferred until the decision was announced.

Musharraf is still on the Exit Control List but he can freely move within the country.

Musharraf was arrested on October 10 on the order of Islamabad High Court (IHC) over the alleged murder of the deputy cleric of Lal Masjid, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and his mother during a military operation in 2007. The ex-president had filed an application before the Additional District and Sessions Court and sought bail in this case.


  1. The Burqa Brigade will try to get the decision overturned by the IHC where they have their loyalists as judges.

  2. Lots of heartfelt congratulation on your bail.Innshah Allah all cases will be finished as I had been predicting and praying for you. Come on for people service again and my handicapped kelps and prays for your betterment.

    • It may or may not be printed here but it is on fb & g+ page.
      General please get the hell out of that hell. You do not come from Mianwali, Nao Dero, or Lahore. Your father brought you from Delhi. This shameless nation does not recognize your heroic act at Siachen, or other martyrs at Kargil. The traitor who wanted to hand you over to India is PM of Pakistan. Enough said. Q.

  3. Why is Burqa Maulvi Aziz on the loose? He should be arrested and tried separately for terrorism. But Nawaz does not have the guts to do this..He is too preoccupied with dollar laundering.

  4. Pervaiz Musharraf and Imran Khan are the real leaders in a seemingly leaderless Pakistani politics- both are capable of taking tough decisions. Great to see him free.

  5. I think the future now lie with Sardar Asif Ali Zardari only. All other idiots have shown their idiocy. nawaz, Imran , Musharaf , Munawar Hassan everyone. Good thing is that now Asid Zardari is away from the deeds of his corrupt wife Benazir, & her hand picked hanchos , like Gillani, Makhdooms, Aitzaz etc.
    Saradr Asif Ali Zardari has proven his worth in history. A great man full of tolerance, vision & competance.

    • hahahaha,yes Zardari has proved his worth(in BILLIONS) which belongs to the people of Pakistan.I believe history has shown and proved Zardari to be the worst leader,EVER,where have you been? speaking of idiots,you still haven't learned a da.n thing have you.

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