4 persons kidnapped from Qatari minister’s hunting camp in Balochistan





Unknown militants attacking the camp of a Qatari minister in district Kechh and kidnapped four people and burnt 2 vehicles.

Sources in the Levies force said a hunting camp was being set for the delegation of a Qatari minister when armed men arrived on three motorbikes and opened fire near the camp.

No casualty occurred in the firing, however, the militants kidnapped four servants in the camp and burnt two vehicles.

After the incident, Levies authorities reached the spot and cordoned off the area.

BBC said four men of the hunting party of Qatar Minister for Energy and Industries Abdullah Bin Hamad-al-Attita had been kidnapped.

The minister was not present in the camp when the incident occurred, but after this attack, a ban has been imposed on hunting in the district by Arab Sheikhs.

The report said all abducted persons were Pakistani nationals and was working with the Qatari minister for his hunting expedition.