Pakistan ready to start sale of JF-17 Thunder planes from next year


Pakistan has decided to start sale of state of the art JF-17, Thunder combat planes developed by the collaboration of China to other countries from next year.

According to sources, a sum of 100 million dollars has also been released to the Pakistan Ordinance Factories Wah in connection with the up-gradation of its machinery.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra has accomplished the up-gradation of Cobra Helicopters presently under use of the army besides installing high tech system therein.

Pakistan will also import the modern helicopters from Turkey.

Ministry of Defence Production sources said as many as 42 JF-17 Thunder planes have been developed so far under joint venture with China.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has been assigned a target of exporting 5 to 7 JF-17 Thunder planes next year, and the discussions in this regard are under the way to Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Qatar and other friendly countries.

Ministry of Defense Production officials have expressed optimism that Pakistan would succeed in exporting these modern planes in the next year.

Sources said Heavy Industries Taxila has manufactured prototype of Buraq vehicle to defuse the land mines and remote control explosive material.

It has also been learnt that Pakistan is continuing the talk’s process with Turkey to acquire T 120 high techs helicopters from the latter.

Pakistan is also endeavouring to launch a joint venture with Turkey with reference to the manufacturing of these helicopters. If both the countries don’t agree over it then Pakistan will execute an agreement with Turkey to purchase these helicopters.

Sources said that PAC Kamra has refurbished several helicopters being used by Army Aviation.

Pakistan has acquired these helicopters from US and they have now been upgraded.

Modern technology has been installed therein while US voiced its concern over it.

On the other hand finance ministry has released 100 million dollars out of 200 million dollars to POF Wah for replacement and up-gradation of machinery.


    • chawala, they will definitely win the dogfight. Not all the countries have F-22 like stuff. Remembered? our F-86s beating up the Indian Cannibara and Hunters in 65 and 71.

      JF-17 is 4th Generation, multirole aircraft which is designed to keep in mind the regional environment, requirements and our budgets.

          • You are absolutley right about 1965 war. PAF came on top. It is not my assertion but accepted by int.obsevers. Any way in wars there are usually no victors but only varying degree of defeat. I did not expect you would use the language of Mr. LOL. You are too decent to fall into that trap.

  1. Hai everyone iam going to reveal the shocking truth CIA and pentagon are in deep discussion with obama that how to counter JF-17 with F-22 and F-35 as one JF-17 can kill entire squadron of f-22 and 10 f-35 even with meteor missile they are shivering and america will try to block the sale of JF-17 to the countries like MALI, Madagascar, Eriteria, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Central african republic and congo, zambia, namibia as they all will join together and take out entire US andNATO Air force

  2. Akka,
    Jf-17 is not meant to tackle the modren era fighters like F-22,Mig-35 or Rafale. It is meant to counter the old versions of Mig-29 and su-27 which are present in bulk with the other side. During the dog fight in china with SU-27 the JF-17 become victourious 7 out of 10 times. Even I doubted that It will not be able to take on MIG-29 MKI. But give it some time. Block-II with more modern avionic suit and if possible with TW engine and with a gud radar then it will take on MIG-29 as well. To counter the 4.5 generations strikers PAF is looking for J-10B. But it will be avaiblable when WS-10b engine will be ready. So don't compare it with 4.5 generation air craft. But the pilot skills in the dog fight is also matter. So pick up the facts & figures of 65 and 71 you will get the answer.

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