Nawaz lampooned on Twitter for reading off notes




Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s heavy dependence on “little notes” while making a joint statement with US President Barack Obama has earned him a rash of criticism back home.

Seated next to President Obama, Nawaz kept referring to notes written on several small pages while speaking about his talks at the White House on Wednesday.

Moments later, twitter was ablaze with comments lampooning the Pakistan PM.

“Nawaz Sharif needs to read notes to deliver speeches. Empty words on democracy. I’m so ashamed of the Pakistani government today,” tweeted Halima Nawaz.

A tweet by Mohammad Shafi scoffed, “Nawaz Sharif! You should memorise your lines.”

Sarmad Gilani railed, “Nawaz Sharif is READING OFF OF PAPER in his public appearance with Obama. Embarrassing! Shocked.”

The comments were particularly caustic when comparing Nawaz’s apparent struggle to get it right, with the US president’s characteristic eloquence while talking extempore.

“Obama spoke off the cuff. Was quite detailed and eloquent. Nawaz Sharif reading from notes. Extra careful,” tweeted Arif Rafiq.

Tweeple also commented copiously on Nawaz Sharif inviting the Obamas for a meal of Dal-Keema.

President Obama had shared memories of his stay in Pakistan as a student and learning how to cook Dal-Keema from a Pakistani friend’s mother. This prompted an invitation from the Pakistan premier.

The White House meeting is Nawaz’s first since he swept to power in May elections this year.



  1. I knew it,that it is not going to sit well,(Mr Sharif with notes),but if he would have made a mistake,or left out something important,it would have been far more embarrassing..All the reports ,in public domain so far suggest that meeting was a positive one
    I give Mr Sharif credit,for meeting expectations

  2. Reading from notes are usually done when joint press conference is done, but it is believed it was postponed and hence, Mr Nawaz had to read,out from the same note, but would have been more appreciated if rules of diplomacy was followed and speech was given extempore like what Mr Obama did.Over all the visit was not as expected as too much expectation was expected…..6 pages of joint statement is testimony of same.

  3. This display of holding sheets of written notes Nawaz Sharif conveyed the impression of a poor memory indecorum and unfitness to be a national leader

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