Robber police constable caught red-handed in Multan


A criminal police constable was caught red-handed by the public during an attempt of robbery in Multan.

According to the police, four armed robbers snatched 22 thousand rupees from a youth, Saghir Ahmad, in the jurisdiction of Saital Mari Police Station.

The local residents came to know about the robbery attempt and they started shouting for help. They also managed to capture one robber while shouting but his three accomplices fled away from the scene.

In the mean time, some police officials also reached the robbery site and the public handed over the robber to them.

The captured robber, identified as Akbar, revealed during initial interrogation that he is a police constable and is stationed at the Mumtazabad Police Station.

The escaped accomplices were also police officials belonging to the New Multan Police Station, he added.


  1. Poor Constable!!! There are daylight robberies taking place by PML N and they catch this wretched man who might have annoyed some PML N Minister of state or MNA /MPA.

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