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Balochistan government renews dialogue offer to end insurgency

The Balochistan government once again warned disgruntled Balochs to refrain from attacking innocent people and offered them to hold dialogue with the government for amicable solution to the issue of Balochistan.

“Targeting women and children is against the norms and traditions of Balochs, and those involved in such acts are not serving any cause,” Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti said while addressing a press conference at Civil Secretariat on Monday.

Expressing his concern over the increasing incidents of attacks on trains and other government installations, he said an inquiry committee has been formed to probe into the DMJ train attack and those responsible for the loopholes in the security apparatus would be taken to task.

“Concerted security plan has been devised to halt the organized crimes such as target killings, kidnapping for ransom and highway robberies”, he maintained.

He noted that incumbent government was pursuing very clear policy of reconciliation and believes in dialogue to halt insurgency more effectively. “We are democratic people and seeking way out of the issues only through talks,” he added.

To a question, the home minister alleged that lack of seriousness in previous regimes led to the grim poor law and order in the province. “The current government is firm to end insurgency and is capable to steer the province out of current crises to ensure security to the people of Balochistan.”

He dispelled the impression about running of private jails by his father in Dera Bugti. “Neither Dera Bugti is a no-go area nor there is any private jail in the district. It is an allegation levelled by my rivals to gain political mileage,” the home minister emphasised.

About foreign involvement in Balochistan unrest, he said there were ample proofs of a foreign hand behind the Balochistan insurgency, however, it was the prerogative of the Foreign Office to comment on it.

“The Frontier Corps is assisting the provincial government in maintaining peace in the province and with the help of paramilitary force, crime is being controlled effectively,” he said.

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