Attacks on the rise due to govt’s failure to initiate dialogue: PTI


The government’s failure to proceed on the mandate of the all parties’ conference (APC) is the reason terrorists have increased attacks in the country, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Shireen Mazari said on Monday.

Expressing disappointment over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement given upon arriving in the US, she said the prime minister was clearly not stating the truth hen he said “talks had begun” but were derailed because “violence erupted”.

“In fact the government has not moved at all to begin implementation on the mandate of the APC… while terrorism and violence did not suddenly ‘erupt’ but have been prevalent with growing intensity which is why the APC sought dialogue to give peace a chance,” she said.

Mazari hoped that Nawaz would take a resolute stance on drones and make it clear that Pakistan would not tolerate drone attacks anymore.

She also said by having a low-level delegation receive the prime minister on his official visit, the insult was to Pakistan and its people, not to the person of Nawaz Sharif. “The PM’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should have ensured that this did not happen as the trip was minutely planned,” she said.

“The US has once again belittled Pakistan by doling out part of the money owed to Pakistan under the coalition support fund (CSF) at the time of the PM’s visit,” she added.

She said the CSF was the money owed to Pakistan for services rendered at a great cost by Pakistan to the US in the war on terror and it should not be used to blackmail Pakistan politically.


  1. I simply fail understand what talking to killers will achieve. They will just keep on killing because they see it as a GOD given right to kill

  2. Someone push a hot rod into her mouth…it is so ugly. No sense of shame in honouring senseless killers.

  3. Pakistan is our homeland. It is our canvas where as a nation we can draw what we like and whichever colour we choose. Like Allama Iqbal has said…..amal se zindagi banti haae jannat bhi jahanum bhi……yeh khaki apni fitrat mein na noori ha na nari hai! [what we do depends upon what choose to do in life].

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