The vexatious issue of Telangana


Was it necessary to divide Andhra Pradesh?

Apparently, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who okayed the creation of Telangana for formal decision by the cabinet, did not anticipate angry reaction of the rest of Andhra, called Seemandhra. When there is blackout, no water supply, no transport, no fuel and powerless mobiles, the mood in Seemandhra is that of now or never.

The centre could have gauged the sentiment by proceeding with what the constitution says. It is laid down that the state assembly should be consulted. True, in the house of 294, the Seemabdhra’s 179 members would have stalled a resolution on the creation of Telangana. But then the constitution says that there should be consultation, not concurrence.

The exercise would have enabled to foresee the extent of aggressiveness which even intelligence agencies failed to report. Probably, the anger in Telangana was no less when it was up in arms. Yet the centre had resisted the state’s bifurcation although the agitation was at its fiercest during the days of Chenna Reddy, once the state’s chief minister. Then the Congress president, K. Kamaraj, from the south had his ears to the ground. Sonia Gandhi, sitting at New Delhi, is not familiar with the ground realities of the state.

Was it necessary to divide Andhra Pradesh? This was the first linguistic state. The States’ Reorganization Commission that followed the creation of Andhra Pradesh recommended the creation of Telangana. Yet the centre stuck to a united Andhra Pradesh in the larger interest.

The Telugus enthusiastically welcomed the creation of Andhra Pradesh because the Telugu-speaking areas were retrieved from the Madras Presidency and amalgamated with Andhra Pradesh. The question that remains unanswered is why so much hostility has come to surface when Telangana is constituted.

After all, it is going to be part of India. Ambitious politicians are responsible for cultivating hostility. There can be fear that Telangana is more or less the old state of Nizam where razakars (armed men) were ruling the roost. But the state is strong enough to curb such a tendency. Also the Nizams encouraged razakars and dreamt of joining Pakistan.

Politicians eye the loaves of office that a new state would create. That greed may be the reason why state chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has not resigned even when he is for a united Andhra Pradesh. Had he resigned it would have come as a jolt to the Congress high command and probably things would have taken a different turn.

Indeed, the Congress has in mind the next elections where it expects to sweep Telangana. It is tragic that politics has held its sway over the interest of the people of Andhra Pradesh. Its bifurcation would create problems for both the states like water disputes because River Krishna flows into both the proposed states. It is still not late to annul the decision.

Probably, the services of Congress-vice-president Rahul Gandhi would have to be harnessed. If he could undo the ordinance to shield the convicted politicians and force the union cabinet to rescind its decision he would be able to undo the division of Andhra Pradesh as well. Indeed, it was ridiculous to introduce in parliament a bill to overcome a Supreme Court judgment that the MPs and MLAs will cease to be members of the respective houses and disqualified the moment they are convicted.

The bone of contention between Telangana and Seemandhra is Hyderabad. The proposed bifurcation will have Hyderabad as their joint capital for 10 years. Why not permanently? When Punjab was divided, it was announced that both Punjab and Haryana would have separate capitals and Chandigarh would be a union territory. The two states found that a joint capital was useful and convenient. So much so, the lawyers of both the states opposed to the centre’s proposal to have a separate high court in Haryana. The proposal had to be withdrawn.

The argument that Seemandhra does not touch the border of Telangana where Hyderabad is located is not convincing. Both states open in the other states. All belong to the Indian nation. Why then the opposition to have Hyderabad as the joint capital? It is, however, unfortunate that government servants of the proposed Telangana have threatened that Seemandhra’s government servants must have their own setup in Hyderabad itself. Such tendencies must be curbed with a strong hand because they impinge on the country’s unity.

The centre has also closed its eyes on the renewal of demand for the creation of other states. Vidarbha, Gorkahaland and some other states in the northeast have again begun agitating after the announcement of Telangana. The state governments are helpless when the centre announces Telangana without bothering about repercussions.

It is not understandable why New Delhi has created another problem when it is already reeling under deteriorating economic conditions on the one hand and uneasy burdens with China and Pakistan on the other. Maybe, the announcement of Telangana is meant to divert attention from other pressing problems the country is facing today. This is perhaps the Congress way of tackling them.

The government has done well in resisting the demand for the appointment of another States Reorganization Commission. It would have opened a Pandora’s Box. I recall the passions aroused when the commission was appointed. There were so many claims which were equally conflicting that it was difficult to arrive at any decision which ultimately the commission made.

The commission made two points as far back as in 1985 when it submitted its report. Both points are as truer today as they were then. One, whether the states are reorganized or not they will continue to be an integral part of the Union which is the real political entity and the basis of our nationhood. Two, the constitution recognizes citizenship for the entire people of India, with equal rights and opportunities throughout the union. The proposed state of Telangana is, no doubt, a wrong decision. Yet the 28th state, if constituted, will keep in mind that the citizenship is one, with equal rights.

Kuldip Nayar is a veteran Indian journalist, human rights activist and a noted author.


  1. Andhra Pradesh should not be divided. The other states will also follow the same action and in that way there might be many states in India, which cannot be cotrolled,finamced and administered properly. Hence in my opinion the division of stated must be discouraged for the real and factual betterment and prosperity of India

  2. It is shocking to see such an article from a noted person like Kuldip Nayar! It is totally one sided and unfortunately immature from a veteran! I am not sure if he has been following this issue for the last 4 years, if not last 12 years or last 56 years since the state of AP was formed. Even if he has been following it for last 4 or 12 years, he would agree that Telangana formation is the only logical conclusion to this issue. It would be a mockery of democracy if Telangana is not formed now after almost all plitical parties promised to support formation of Telangana, made promises in various different words during the last two elections in 2004 and 2009. I I thought Kuldip Nair is for strengthening democracy and for protecting human rights but may be not when it comes to Telangana! Again, I am sorry and shocked to see such an article from him.

    • Hi Ravi,you only looking at how old the problem is and forgetting how things are so binding in a effects so many lives not least telangana.everybody saying telangana fight is from 50 odd years n missing the big picture of state development.everyone keep saying 50 years fight forgotten so many current facts.educated like you seeing the issue in an unfortunate way.Telangana Fight is correct before 90’ it is a political gamble on people lives.telangana neither under developed nor backward like then.facts you can verify from Sri Krishna committee.unfortunately Congress choose to ignore it for their advantage.In this day n age sad to see political parties taking decisions solely based on their benefits.but this is no ordinance unfortunately.this is not just for Ravi but any Indian try to localize themselves just because they can.
      True Indian

    • Want to add that this article seems to have been written in a casual way without seriousness, resulting in some factual errors! For example, the last sentence says Telangana will be 28th state, India already has 28 states, Telangana will be 29th state!

  3. Hyderabad should belong to Telangana. Legislation should provide that Hyderabad would cease to be joint capital and after ten years.

  4. Kuladip did not understand WHY Telangana, that is the reason there are many WHYs in his article. He himself should do some research to find out WHY this happened. This article is very cheap and highly biased. One can easily understand a movement which is occurring for the last 60 years definitely must have a valid reason. Don't write an article like a politician. Think before you express. Happening of a separate Telangana State is not a gift from anybody, it is a reality, not happened today sure tomorrow. First one should understand what made people of Telangana to agitate. Just one language is not going to feed people. This change is a eye opening for all rulers who suppress and neglect some section of people. Before writing an article read old Hyderabad State history and current AP history. I won't surprise even welcome if some of the states are newly formed for neglected people.

    Don't try to give your baseless and useless ideas to Seemandra people. They are not stupid to accept a separate and a capital too far inside other state. This is not the problem created by New Delhi. This is the problem created by all AP Governments from 1956.

  5. UPA decision to divide AP is only to divert nation attention from all SCAMs and failure
    on international affairs.. That is the fact. what else UPA can do except destruction ???

  6. 1. Why are we hearing separate Telangana slogan again?
    The demand for a separate state of Telangana isn't new. Telanganites have very clearly expressed their opposition a decade before Andhra Pradesh was formed. They reasoned that in a united Andhra Pradesh they will not get justice. Even after five decades, this demand is continuing. The reason for this is the experience of past 48 years that justice will not be done to Telangana and belief that it will continue to be denied to Telanganites in united AP.

    2. Isn't Telangana slogan the creation of unemployed politicians?
    Telangana demand is a peoples' movement born out of their problems. Are all the people robbed unabatedly, continuously for the 48-years and raising their voice again , unemployed political leaders? Who are the unemployed political Leaders? Are they the farmers that have been suffering for lack of drinking water, irrigations water, and cuts in electric supply? Are they the workers who lost their livelihood due to lack of new industries, and closure of existing industries? Are they the unemployed youth whose job opportunities are hijacked by outsiders? Are they the innumerable people who have been labelled and suppressed as terrorists because they raised their voice for Telangana? When people are subject to robbery and injustice and take to the streets, it is natural for leaders to enter the fray. Just because out of power politicians support Telangana statehood, does it stop being peoples' movement? In any movement, politicians in and out of power join in. Some even deceive and attempt to side line the movement, but they can't stop the movement. Movements continue until justice is served to the people. The educated that are the pillars of this movement aren't unemployed. They aren't even after employment for themselves.

    3. Why didn't the Chief Ministers that came from Telangana area work to develop Telangana?
    It is true that PV Narasimha Rao, Marri Chenna Reddy (twice), T. Anjiah from Telangana were Chief Ministers of AP. Altogether they were in power for 6-years in four terms. It is also true they haven't made any noticeable development of Telangana. Jalagam Vengal Rao was a settler. He never assimilated himself in Telangana. He is credited with the disservice to Telangana by extending Nagarjun Sagar left canal. Then what about, Rayala Seema? There were stalwarts from Rayala seems that were in power for twenty years. (N. Sanjeeva Reddy-2terms, Damodaram Sanjeeviah, K. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy-2 terms, CB Naidu-2 terms). Why is Rayalaseema backward? Fact is they slaved for the Coastal Andhra wealth and the privileged few of these wealthy that control the politics of the state. Fazal Ali commission recognized the consequences of mixing a developed area with a backward area and recommended that Telangana be kept as a separate state. If this country's politicians had the wherewithal to listen to the wise men, we wouldn't be in this situation!

    4. Isn't it detrimental to Indian national unity if small states are continuously created?
    Out of the 35 states currently in India (28 states and 7 central possessions), 70% are smaller than Telangana. Telangana's population is 30 million plus. There are 25 states that are smaller than Telangana. If these twenty-five don't cause national unity issues, why would creation of a larger state be any dangerous?

    5. What would you do if the backward districts in Telangana want a separate state of their own after formation of Telangana state?
    Backwardness of Telangana is a major reason for the Telangana state demand but not the sole reason. All ten Telangana districts have same historical background, geographic closeness, cultural commonality, language unity, and mutual understanding among the people. These factors are all foundation for unity of thought. Never did the people of Telangana districts express a desire or sentiment to be separate from the rest of the districts directly or indirectly. There isn't an opportunity for such either. In our country there are some other backward districts in various states. Are they all demanding a separate statehood? It is meaningless and baseless argument.

  7. 6. Why do people with one language need two states?
    If one language, one state is the norm, why do we have 9-Hindhi speaking states? Next to Hindi, Telugu is the most spoken language in India. What is wrong with having two states that speak Telugu? Some people claim that Telangana Telugu isn't the proper Telugu. Some others say it isn't even Telugu. Why should these people that make fun of Telangana language and ridicule its culture should be objecting if Telangana is separate state?

    7. Isn't a separate state, a nation dividing, people separating and demand?
    If the desire of a people of a region to have their own state is a divisive act, then all states formation is a divisive act. In fact language based state formation itself is a divisive act. Same reasons that Potti Sriramulu the architect for separation of Andhra from Madras state, presented are the reasons Telanganites want their own state. The same argument used by the Andhras in the past is used by Telanganites now. If it was not an objectionable demand then how could it be objectionable now?

    8. How long should states division continue?
    States re-organization is a continuing activity in India. Even before Fazal Ali commission this process has started, Example: Formation of Andhra, split from Madras. It has been continuing ever since, Ex: Eastern states division, Maharastra, Gujrath, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jarkhand, Uttaranchal, Chattisghad. Why should there be any objections for Telangana formation when there were no such objections for these states formation?

    9. There are other backward areas in the state. Why should only Telangana people have a separate state of their own?
    Just as Telangana, Rayalaseema and north Andhra have been discriminated. True. But, additionally Telangana has been systemically robbed. Diversion of this regions natural resources, water, underground resources and their income to other areas, the robbing of jobs from the region's people, Colonization aren't directed at other areas. Additionally the Telanganites have been subject to ridicule with respect to the language and the politicians have been looked down upon to the extent they lost their own self image. To preserve their self respect and to protect their region's natural resources, people of Telangana want their own state.

    10. Aren't Naxalites the cause of Telangana's backwardness?
    Only people that don't understand or like to conveniently ignore historical facts would ask such questions. Naxals aren't the cause of Telangana backwardness. They are an effect of Telangana backwardness. Naxals came up in Telangana due to this region has been subject to continues neglect and systematic theft of its resources.

  8. 11. Instead of asking for a separate state, why can't you fight for development within the frame work of united AP?
    The promises of Telangana development have been made for the past 48 years in united AP. Before and after the formation of AP, Which promises were kept? Which agreements were respected? Which projects were implemented? Which principles were they bound to? From the first day of AP formation, till to-day, agreements are being broken. What were the united AP wishers do? Did they even express any concerns? How long should the Telangana people bear this and put up with this injustice?

  9. 12. Isn't separate Telangana state an anti-Andhra people's movement?
    Emphatically, no. Telangana people don't bear any animosity against the coastal Andhra or Rayalaseema people or the ordinary migrants from those areas to Telangana. Telangana people's anger is with: The rulers that are raping Telangana resources. With their supporters in Andhra and also from Telangana. Those that came to Telangana and think they are the rulers of Telangana. Those that control the state Government with their financial strength and rob Telangana. Those that ridicule, Telangana language, culture and their mannerisms. All those that become a part of Telangana and share in the happiness and sorrow of Telangana with the locals are welcomed and, respected and loved.

  10. 1. There are 10 districts in Telangana, 9 in Andhra and 4 in Rayalaseema. Out of these Districts, 7 are in Telangana, 3 are in Andhra and 1 in Rayalaseema are considered as severely backward districts which means 70% of districts in Telangana a re backward while in Andhra it is 35% and in Rayalaseema it is 25%. Apart from these there are some areas in all parts of the state which are also backward.

  11. 2. 45% of the state income comes from Telangana region. When it comes to utilization of funds, the share of Telangana is only 28%.

    • use ur brain buddy…. HYD creates the max revenue…. its the income from every one in the state… so since HYD is in TG.. u wanted every thing to TG… ha ha ha very funny….

      y did rayalaseema ppl scarified Kurnool for HYD as capital of AP…

  12. 3. Normally canals are dug to supply water to the crops from rivers for cultivation. The amount of land cultivated through canals in just Guntur district is MORE THAN the land cultivated with canals in entire Telangana region.

  13. 4. Nagarjuna sagar dam is built in Nalgonda district which is in Telangana but majority of the water from the dam is used for Krishna and Guntur district. The original dam was supposed to be build much ahead of its present location but the location was changed so that it falls in the Telangana region. Due to the construction of the dam several hectares of Lime stone mines vanished as part of the dam back waters. Everyone knows that lime stone is used for producing cement. Even the natural resources were not allowed to remain.

    • Nagarjuna sagar dam is a central govt dam…
      more over understand that natural gas reserves in KG basin are used across India… surplus power generated in Andhra region is used across AP… under the gist behind this example….

    • Seems you are totally depressed with this article as this veteran Journolist has . Don't Promote false information. According to the report submitted by the Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar Engineer's to the Group of Ministers (GoM) Both Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam Dams Left and Right bank canals are into Guntur and Kurnool districts. Usually dams are built considering viability of water Storage with out disturbing the natural ecosystem, ease of generating power, Minimal or No disruption to the wild life and so on but NOT as you say that it was relocated from some place in telangana to the present location. Do you have any evidence for this? If so, furnish them. People who read your comments may laugh in future. Dont make mockery of yourself bro. Basically, if bifurcation becomes a reality, telangana has no power for next 10 years atleast. More than 50% of the power is utilised ONLY in Rangareddy and Hyderabad districts. Recently, KCR said he would allow seemandra people to stay for 10 yrs in HYDERABD and in return buy power from Seemandhra until you are self-reliant. Will you be able to sustain with just Singareni Coal mines?? NO WAY!

  14. 6. Two major rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra enter the state of AP in the district of Mahaboobnagar (the biggest district in Telangana) but the district always remains the worst draught hit areas along with Anantapur because there is no project and process with which the water can be utilized. The plan for utilization has been pending for decades.

    • NEVER EVER your foolish KCR who represents in the parliament from Mahaboob Nagar district uttered a word or fought against improper water sharing or wrote a letter to authorities seeking right on water sharing. Always he is a collection raja, Sleeps in farm house drinking his favorite MANSON HOUSE Whisky. Dont know how many days he was in parliament for the last 5 yrs may be less than 15 working days! Your KCR is a very good at farming and even sends his men for Knowledge transfers in Green house technology to Europe but never bothers about the farmers suicides. Why dont you first resolve these errors?! Instead of dividing the state?

  15. 7. RDS (Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme) is building in Mahaboobnagar to provide water to 85000 hectares of land in the district. The leaders of Rayalaseema blasted the gates of RDS and water is supplied to KC (Kurnool-Cudapa) canal while only remaining water, if any, is supplied to the lands in Mahaboobnagar.

    • Raghu,

      Compliments on a well-thought out and detailed response to Kuldip Nayyar's article that is clearly based on half-knowledge, and perhaps even lack of it, of the Telanagana history, narrative and angst!

      Why did he think he could sermonize on a subject that he is so disdant from…both geographically and in his understanding of it? Very disappointing indeed, coming as it is, from somebody we hold, nay, held, in great esteem!

  16. Kuldip Sahab aap se aisi umeed na thi. Hyderabad was never a part of Andhra Saahab! 60 years of torture will end when the state demerges -it is not bifurcation. Nehruji had merged Hyderabad with AP and said that there was a provision for 'divorce' in this alliance. Hyderabad was a city of baaghe-aams, mahals, kothis till one man from Andhra and his cronies stole all the govt lands and the Wakf land and converted the city into a concrete jungle. Please kuch toh khayaal keejiye!

  17. I was really shocked by this article.

    Is this is really written by Kuladeep..

    famous Journalist like Kuladeep is not having good idea about this issue. Really disgusting.

    he is written about Semandhra agitation but before same agitation was there in telangana. Why he didnt mentioned.
    Seemandhra people are copied the same movement.

    Where is Kuladeep then..?

    I can wrire the full page but i dotn want to..

    I thought he is a famous journalist…..but he proved he is not ..

  18. India is breaking up and Kuldip Nayar does not like it. That is why he has written this article. India is getting weaker and regions are getting stronger. Regional parties are in power in West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Punjab.

  19. 9. In Telangana regions, only few areas cultivate one crop a year and very rarely two crops a year while most of the land doesn't even cultivate single crop. In both the Godavari districts, Krishna and Guntur district, two crops a year is common and there are times where even 3 crops a year are cultivated. The only reason is WATER.

  20. 10. Government issue G.O.'s for implicating its decisions. G.O number 610 is the longest non implicated G.O in the history of AP. The G.O was issued in 1986 by late NTR who was then the CM of AP, which is not yet implicated. The G.O speaks about the share of Telangana employees in Government jobs in Telangana region.

  21. 1. 33% of the population in Mahaboobnagar district have left the district for livelihood to different parts of the state due to draught and majority of them are working as daily labour. No other district has so many people who fled the home place due to lack of livelihood and working as daily labour.

  22. 12. There are 25 plus government degree colleges in Krishna, Cudapa and Guntur district while there is not even a single government degree college in Rangareddy district.

    • y are u considering only Krishna, Cudapah & Guntur??? from Andhra region..take Vijayanagaram or Ananthapur???

      y are u considering only ranga reddy??? from Telangana region… take karimnagar for example….????

      these Questions were raised by ur leader.. u blind believe them???

    • Googling few secs I found following Govt. degree colleges

      Govt. Degree College, Chevella, RR Dist,
      Govt. Degree College, Hayatnagar, Malakpet, RR Dist,
      Govt. Degree College, Ibrahimpatnam, RR Dist,
      Govt. Degree College, Tandur, RR Dist,

      Rey Bakra will you stop fooling people?! Are you drunk? You seem like KCR promoting gobels! Hahhaahaaaaaaaa First do some research before posting.

  23. 13. Dairy development corporation of AP purchases milk from farmers across the state for distribution. For the same milk, in Andhra, the government pays Rs.24 to the farmers and in Telangana they pay Rs.22 per liter. Partiality is shown even in milk.

    • Orey Pulka, I'm from Ananthapur dist. Even in my town the dairy Development Corp. buys at a rate of 22/- liter. Other Private dairy's buy at 19/- and sell at 22/liter or 24/liter. Pls if there is any chance I'd like to see your pittamokham. KODAGADI laga unnav ra nayana…. YOU Langaland people always cry on Andhra people. Bathakadam chethakaka Elantivanni baseless points thesthuntaru. Is Dairy develop. corp. earning millions with this difference of 2 rupees?

  24. 14. In between 2005-2008 government sold lands worth Rs.20000 crores in and around Hyderabad which was utilized to build projects in Rayalaseema and Andhra.

  25. 15. Not even a single project was completed in Telangana in the last 5 years while several projects were completed in Andhra and Rayalaseema. Not just Telangana but areas of Northern Andhra, Prakasham and parts of Rayalaseema are still backward. The state needs to progress as a unit. People are suffering across the state and they need a solution.

  26. @Undhyu Patil, Hyderabad was never a part of Andhra or Telangana. In fact, Telangana region is a part of Hyderabad state along with other districts which were merged in Karnataka and Maharashtra on linguistic basis. The proposed Telangana state does not contain these districts and moreover it has "Bhadrachalam" which was a part of Andhra region before the formation of Andhra Pradesh. Hence the Telangana state formation is definitely a "Bifurcation" of AP state.

    I can't believe the words "city of concrete jungle" !!! Any developed city in the world is like a concrete jungle due to the urbanization.

    You said it was 60 years of torture to be with Andhra. Then you should have left us in 1969 during telangana movement or in 1972 during Jai Andhra movement. We would have built our new capital and invest in the same. Now all our investments are in Hyderabad, 30% of Hyderabad people are from Andhra and Hyderabad is one of the metro cities today. Now you want to ditch Andhra people and enjoy all the fruits alone. More than 30 years of hard work of people and visionary leaders like Chandra Babu Naidu made Hyderabad an important and huge IT hub, rapid industrialization, etc. Now how many years it would take to build a capital city in Andhra that can match Hyderabad ???? Moreover, after spending good amount of resources on the capital city, again we are nowhere. So we bear the torture all these years and the benefited ones are you. Above all, your political morons and paid goons are threatening Andhraites to leave Hyderabad after bifurcation. They do not have a least common sense that living anywhere in India is a "right" and many people of their region are living in different parts of India.

  27. @Saikrishna N, Seemandhra copied the agitation of Telangana !!!!!!!!!!! Agitations in a democratic country include non violence protests from common people and goverment employees abandon their duties. If the condition worsens, then illegal violent protests can take place. You did agitations for separate state, Telangana and succeeded to an extent. We want the state to be united and hence started the agitation against separate state. Now you are the one who thinks we copied your agitation in your fairy tales of dream land. Welcome to reality, this is the course anyone follows in a democratic country.

    Moreover, you said Kuldip Nayar sir is not a famous journalist. Look at yourself before making such rude comment. If someone does not join your band wagon, then it does not mean to disrespect the person.

  28. The author of this article is widely respected across India. However, I do not think he should have chosen this subject, since he seems to be lacking basic understanding of the state in question, Andhra Pradesh is not the first linguistic state in India, and it is never formed out of the Madras presidency. It was the Andhra state which was formed as the linguistic state, in 1953 and AP is formed merging the Andhra state and Hyderabad state. considering his lack of knowledge on the history of telangana, I even doubt if he would be able to identify the telangana region in the India map.

  29. In the whole matter who is the beneficiary in division of state.
    It is nothing but an administrative convenience.
    No common man or youth is benefited out this.
    This sheer Political adjustments and games.
    Democracy becomes Demonocracy.

  30. I agree with every word of the celebrated journalist, who is known to call a spade a spade. The two agitations for a Telangana state, one in 1969 and the present one are dubious ones to say the least. They vindicate the fact that a demagogue can do wonders by building up mass frenzy given his oratorical skills. In 1969 it was Dr M Chenna Reddy who with an eye on chief ministership raked up an agitation and the moment his wish was fulfilled, the agitation simply disappeared. Now K Chandrasekhara Rao, whose ancestors hail from coastal Andhra region, failed to find a berth in the cabinet of N Chandrababu Naidu, bade his time and hit upon the idea of fighting for a separate state. This very gentleman was at his oratorical best in the Assembly opposing the division of the state previously. Through his oratorical skills he succeeded in creating a sense of insecurity and desperation in the minds of masses so much so that many young people committed suicide. Was the situation in Telangana that bad? The Justice Srikrishna Committee, which went into every conceivable detail past and present, ruled out any justification for the division of the state. It also debunked the notion of the Telangana backwardness. According to the report, it was the other regions which were more backward. Successive politicians, especially from Rayalaseema developed the region around Hyderabad and the Metro proper. Consequently the other two regions are left with not even a hospital which can be compared to those in Hyderabad.
    It took more than three decades for the present agitation to be launched after the 1969 one. If Telangana people were so cherishing a separate state why was there so much time gap? What is the success of the present agitation? The oratorical skills of KCR who can make a lie appear as a truth and vice versa. He amassed thousand of crores of rupees in the name of the agitation. Blackmail of the Andhra businessmen has been his hallmark. An important and ironical facts needs a mention here. It is the very development of Hyderabad and the surrounding districts that is the real cause. Telangana region wants to appropriate the concentrated development for itself. Had not such a development starving the regions of Andhra and Rayalaseema happened there would not have been any reason for such an agitation. The Andhra regions are afraid of losing their share of the development cake which is making them agitate against separation.

  31. actually there is no need to divide AP into two parts a
    nd tear all Andhra peoples Heart do some alternative or reverse the decision and stop the whole problem and leave AP in peaceful situation for ever thanks

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