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State can take pre-emptive steps to protect citizens: PM

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said the state had the right to take pre-emptive steps to protect its citizens.

Chairing a meeting, wherein he was given a presentation on the Special Counter Terrorism Force in Punjab, Nawaz said the new force should be raised immediately with a new command structure and should be professionally sound, competent and adequately paid.

He said he expected that the new force would help eliminate extortionists and target killers, adding that “the law enforcement agencies need to show zero tolerance towards heinous crimes”.

“We have promulgated laws which will deal with the enemies of the state within the framework of our constitution and based on principles laid down by our founding fathers. Terrorists, target killers and extortionists will be dealt under the law and they will be punished after due process. If terrorists and killers have any understanding of the word of liberty, they will realise its meaning when they will be denied of that under the new law.”

Nawaz emphasised that the writ of the state had to be ensured at all costs. “Target killers and extortionists must understand that rules of engagement for such a war are different and strict,” the prime minister said.

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  1. Anon said:

    Publicly financed 'Punjab Militia-cum-Death-Squad' …

  2. People said:

    Nawaz Sharif is following in the footsteps of ZA Bhutto who in the same garb created FSF and both met their ultimate end. He is too thick headed to remmember his and his likes past.

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