Sindh govt yet to pay $72,912 for security containers at Bilawal House


The Sindh government is yet to clear outstanding dues of $72,912 for the rented security containers around the Bilawal House, which was declared as President’s camp office by former president Asif Ali Zardari, it is learnt.
The Sindh government had erected as many as 19 security containers around the roads leading to Bilawal House soon after Asif Zardari took oath as the country’s 12th president in September 2008. The house was declared the president’s camp office. Each container was acquired for $8 per day.
Sources told Pakistan Today that at least 19 containers were acquired from M/s AARAS Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Limited and were erected to block the movement of traffic. Ten containers were fixed while the rest were movable.
The company moved the court after police and the Home Department showed reluctance to pay the monthly rent. The court gave a decision in the comapany’s favour and also directed the Sindh authorities to deposit the amount with the court, sources added.
“It is stated that in a CP No D-3305 filed by M/s Aaras Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Limited v/s Government of Sindh, the honourable High Court of Sindh has directed the respondents vide order dated 09.05.2013 to deposit in court within two weeks the amount of accumulated rent in the US Dollar 76,912 or equivalent in Pak rupees,” according to an official letter, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today.
The Sindh Home Department, after five months, has forwarded a letter to the Finance Department to release the funds, sources added.
“The requested amount in Pak rupees may please be provided under the Head of Account SC 21014 Police-KA 4059 Inspector General of Police – A03904 Hiring Charge during current financial year 2013-14 so that the orders of court could be implemented,” the letter further adds.
Sources said that the Finance Department had reportedly refused to pay the dues, citing financial crunch as the reasons, adding that the Sindh police had been instructed to clear the dues after going through bargaining with the company.
Sindh Home Department Additional Secretary Rasool Bukhsh Samejo said the department was trying to resolve the issue.


  1. Aftab Channa sb,

    I would rephrase …..probably the last ones were hard facts…..Mr Qazi Jamal Mustafa ..Un Qualified DC Karachi…..he recently bought a house for PKR 70 Million in DHA Karachi. As an government employee….he has to declare the amount he bought for came from…..and has he declared the exact amount. If the officers dont follow the law of land who will then. To top it all an un qualified officer. Qazi Jamal Mustafa was a credit card defaulter a couple of years ago and now this. Chief Secretary or any other department is there in Sindh to see this theft too….I am sure what happens in Sindh is the reflection of the above.
    Kindly investigate and then see…..I can provide the documents if needed be. However, take the version of the Qazi Jamal Mustafa ….. The bribe culture is so inculcated that no one is bothered ……Chief Secretary….should be made responsible….why such officers are assigned on this….NAB….

    As a Journalist…Mr Channa there is alot on your plate….but making a example is good for others and especially the poor who are robbed of all their tax money.

    Looking forward

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