Malir Cantonment Board not involved in illegal charging: CEO


Malir Cantonment Board Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Muhammad Farooque on Monday said neither they have links with the illegal cattle markets nor they are charging traders against health certificate before offloading their animals in Asia’s biggest cattle market on Super Highway.
Addressing a press conference, Farooque, flanked by cattle market administrator Shahab Ali, said that rumours ran riot that the market management had set up a check post some 23 kilometers away from the city and was charging traders against health certificates before allowing them to enter in the market.
He rejected such reports and said the management has nothing to do with the check post, adding that if anyone was charging traders illegally then it was responsibility of the Sindh government to take action against such people.
He said 150,000 bulls and cows, and 60,000 goats and sheep were brought to the market and the management had charged Rs 1,000 for big sacrificial animal and Rs 600 for small animal.
“We are not charging any hidden charges from traders except these charges,” he maintained. “Against these charges, we are providing uninterrupted supply of power, two time drinking water for animals, payment of rented land, availability of ramps for offloading and uploading of animals, free public toilets and others best facilities to the traders,” he said, adding that “Almost 70 percent of the income is spent for provision of facilities to the both traders and public.”
He said that the management of the market has ensured strict monitoring to ensure availability of daily-use items at market price.
“For guidance of traders, the market management has installed banners and billboards to save them from thug if they exist inside the market,” he said.
He said that 60 percent of animals have been sold out; adding that rest of the animals would be sold out soon.
“I want to clear one thing here that MCB has established Asia’s biggest cattle market after approval of Sindh government and if anyone say that this market is also illegal as other markets which are established in the city then it would be wrong,” he said.
Shahab Ali said, “We are trying to improve the situation of the market by providing best facilities to the traders and public. This is the only reason that every year number of new traders from all across the country coming to the market to sale their animals.”
He said the management would try to address issues emerged this year.


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