Arrested target killer tasked to kill 2 politicians


An arrested target killer from a political party in Karachi revealed that his leadership gave task to kill two politicians but failed, media reported on Sunday.
The killer, who was arrested during ongoing targeted operation, told law enforcers that he was ordered by his top leadership to kill two politicians, report said.
However, the name of political party, target killer and the leaders on hit-list were not disclosed.
The killer also told the media that he was attacked twice after failing to accomplish the mission on given time. According to reports, several target killers and terrorists are in the city who are specialised in the attacks which provide impression to be done by law enforcement or intelligence agencies, the reports quoted sources as saying.
Some political leaders are also found involved in providing assassination tasks to target killers in the metropolis, sources added.


  1. In Karachi everyone knows the name of this Mafia type political party MQM and their Don Leader Altaf Hussain.

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