NAB chief asks officers to gird their loins to nab corrupt


While chairing the first meeting after assuming charge of his office, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry on Saturday urged officials to gird up their loins to nab the corrupt.
“…The nation is in a state of war, not only against terrorism, but also against the scourge of corruption. This war cannot be won unless we put NAB in order. To be effective and be ‘seen to be effective’, NAB officers must not only put in extra effort but also ensure transparency and an even handed approach, irrespective of who is being nabbed,” Chaudhry said.
During the briefing, the officers of NAB’s Operations Division informed the chairman about ongoing cases from the stage of complaint verification to reference-filing. The chairman directed the Operations Division to speed up their work.

He added that quality human resource was vital for any organisation and directed the human resource (HR) division to focus on merit-based recruitment and promotion process to equip the bureau with quality human resource. He expressed the desire that the work on a comprehensive data base of all NAB employees be completed by the end of October.
He urged all officers to lead by example, assuring them that he would expect them to contribute to the extent that he would set for them by example.