LHCBA sends reference to SJC against CJP, 3 judges


Lahore High Court Bar Association has sent a reference to the Supreme Judicial Council against Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and three other judges Justice Jawad S Khawaja, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Justice Khilji Arif.

The announcement to this effect was made by the former President Lahore High Court Bar Abid Saki and other office bearers at an emergency press conference held in the Committee Room of the bar.

Abid Saki told that 384 page documents also consists of material of 30 page reference and the reference has been sent to the SC Registrar under article 209 and section 5 of the constitution.

He accused the CJ and his associate judges of trampling the constitutional norms in various ways and wrongful use of contempt of court law. Saki said that the judges against whom reference has been sent using the laws for their own personal benefits and the SC is no longer a court but has become a political field.

In response to a question he said SC Registrar is legally bound to present this reference before the Supreme Judicial Council under the constitution.

In response to a question he said that under section5 of article 209 any citizen can send the reference, He said that there is no deadline in the constitution regarding hearing of the reference however the SJC is bound to conduct the hearing. He said he would present his arguments when the hearing is held.

Saki said that it is not the job of bar top to raise judges but in fact it is a watchdog to pinpoint the mistakes made by the Judges. He said we want the courts to do their work in accordance to the law and the constitution


  1. This is a shame move i being member lahore bar condmen this and i doonot reckoned the sitting team of bar bearer as official bearer of our bar anymore they them self are involved in politics and doing these types of shamefull acts for personnel gains

  2. With the contempt law being as it is, in face of the available precedents, it is quite pre-mature to say whether, it is possible to argue with justification, irrespective of facts ad merits, that a sitting Chief can be guilty of contempt law. My arguments in the earlier case during the Musharraf regime can be presented as, inter alia, the major arguments in such a presentation. As such the aim and objectives of doing this at present would have to be gone through…..much more can be said, but since this is merely brief comment, this submission seems to be justified.

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