Malala Yousaf zai wins EU’s Sakharov human rights prize


A Pakistani school girl and campaigner Malala Yousaf zai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban, won the EU’s Sakharov human rights prize on Thursday.

A 16-year-old girl activist was shot a year ago because of the campaign for education and better rights of the girls within Pakistan.

The Sakharov Prize for free speech is awarded by the European Parliament annually in the memory of Soviet physicist and dissident Andrei Sakharov.

US whistle-blower Edward Snowden had been a contender for the prize. The 50,000 EURO ($65,000) prize is considered Europe’s top human rights award.

Malala become prominent in 2009 when she wrote a blog for the BBC Urdu service about her life under the Taliban rule and the lack of education for girls in her area.

She received a standing ovation in July year 2013 in an address to the United Nations General Assembly, in which she vowed that she would never be silenced.


  1. Well deserved and InshAllah will be awarded Noble prize as well. Malala is adorable and may Allah protect her and bless her with continued success- Ameen.

  2. Es dunya khey award se janat pehter hay Europe kha tu ye khayal hey khe hum musalmanu khesey Gumrah karain es may Malala Sab kha key rool hey

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