Malala has done ‘nothing’ to earn rights prize: Taliban


The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan on Thursday said Malala Yousafzai had done “nothing” to deserve the prestigious EU rights award and vowed to try again to kill her.

The European Parliament awarded the Sakharov human rights prize to the 16-year-old, who has become a global ambassador for the right of all children to go to school since surviving a Taliban murder attempt.

Malala survived being shot in the head by a TTP gunman on October 9 last year and is seen as a leading contender for the Nobel Peace prize, to be announced on Friday.

“She has done nothing. The enemies of Islam are awarding her because she has left Islam and has become secular,” TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said.

“She is getting awards because she is working against Islam. Her struggle against Islam is the main reason of getting these awards.”

He repeated the TTP’s threat – made numerous times in recent months – try again to kill Malala, “even in America or the UK”.

Malala and moved to Britain in the wake of the shooting for treatment and to continue her education in safety.

Feted by world leaders and celebrities for her courage, Malala has addressed the UN, this week published an autobiography, and could become the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate on Friday.

Her autobiography “I am Malala”, written with journalist Christina Lamb, has gone on sale in Pakistan and Shahid warned the Taliban would target bookshops stocking it.

“Malala is the enemy of Islam and Taliban and she wrote this book against Islam and Taliban,” he said.


  1. What savage animals these Taliban are! The fruit of religion, hey?

    Best wishes to Malala for the Nobel tomorrow.

  2. That she stood up when others bowed down;
    That she spoke out when others were silent;
    That she survived ….

    If only for these reasons she deserves any award you can give her.

    The Taliban are the TRUE enemies of Islam. They use their tribal pre-Islamic ways to enforce their twisted version of a Great Religion.

    One day, I hope to read that the Taliban like the SS and Gestapo are a nasty little ink blot 0f a foot note on humanities history book and turn the page to a better future

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