Kabhi Kabhi- New drama, old problems


A new drama that made its appearance last week was ‘Kabhi Kabhi’. This serial has been directed by Anjum Shehzad and has been written by Samira Fazal. ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ is a love story that revolves around Ariz and Ishal. Ariz belongs to a lower middle class background, a family of limited means and is also the sole breadwinner of the family. Ishal, on the other hand, comes from an upper class family. She is studying abroad and wishes to escape the mechanical life that her father has provided her. The introduction sounds like something from a Govinda-Karisma Kapoor movie with a poor hero and his filthy rich girlfriend who is ready to leave the life of luxury and elope with the man of her dreams. Since this is a Pakistani drama and not some cheesy Bollywood movie from the nineties, I am quite sure the story will take a turn for the better.
Not surprisingly, Ariz and Ishal come across each other at a party and the accidental meet ups don’t end here. Certainly fate has other plans.
Javed Shaikh plays Ishal’s filthy rich father who wants his daughter to get married to Shahraiz, a guy who will grow old to be more like Javed Shaikh’s character. Shahraiz has all the qualities that he wants in a son in law, he is rich, educated and very spoilt. Ishal also has a dominating brother-in-law, Rehbar, played by the Indian actor Aly Khan who wants her to marry Shahraiz. The story seems filmier as it progresses.
Ahsan Khan was good as always and Mehwish Hayat’s character suits her perfectly. We do know that she can be a very good actress when she wishes, hence there are high expectations from her as well. Javed Shaikh seems to be choosing similar characters to play on screen. I would love to see him play something different and not be typecast in a particular type of role. What truly disappointed me was the story line that is not imaginative at all. Rich girl meets a not-so-rich-boy is a story that we have seen on screens multiple times and I wonder how this one is going to be any different. From the promos it seems that ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ will go on to be yet another drama based on marital problems so expect nothing magical about this particular serial.


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