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PR minister vows to quit if railways privatised

Railways Minister Saad Rafique on Monday announced to resign from his post if the government privatised the railways.
Talking to newsmen in Lahore, the minister said that all necessary measures are being taken dedicatedly to improve the state of Pakistan Railways.
He said a dining car will be attached with all the trains from 15th of this month to facilitate the passengers in a better way.
The minister said a circular train will be started in Karachi next year.
To a question‚ he said an agreement with a Chinese company for the purchase of seventy-five locomotives was cancelled for the betterment of Pakistan Railways.

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  1. Rizwan Shahzad said:

    saad rafiq prove a good manager to him in railway in short period of nawaz government. we think there is no need to do the privatization of pakistan railway

  2. Dr Aslam Butt said:

    I agree with the views expressed in the previous comments. Khawaja Saad is a young , energetic and a hard-working individual who should be given time to improve the condition of Railways. If the Govt still requires some immediate financial return,one can think of disposing some of the precious Golf Courses given on lease and some pieces of land near the raiway stations in big cities. However one can also think of handing over some of the branch line services to the private sector provided the Railway employees do not suffer any hardship.

  3. Pakistani said:

    Indeed young and energetic but was over energetic in NA 125 where if thumb impressions are verified,will see him lose his seat or be behind bars.In his case video evidence is available in abundance.

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