SC angry over agencies’ role in missing persons’ cases



Expressing anger while presiding over a three-member Supreme Court (SC) bench hearing the missing persons case on Monday, Justice Anwar Zahir Jamali on Monday remarked, “We cannot shut our eyes to what the intelligence agencies are doing with the missing persons.”

Justice Jamali further remarked, “Intelligence agencies are found linked in every missing person’s case. The recovered persons are terrified in such a way that they don’t become ready to give statement. We cannot shut our eyes to what the intelligence agencies are doing with the missing persons. It will be better that legal proceedings be initiated in respect of the persons whosoever are held by any institution. Solid evidence is available in certain cases. However, non-recovery of missing persons is a tragedy. Police have also shut their eyes. As per its sweet will, any institution undertakes action in the limits of their police station and disappears and police remains hesitant in initiating any action.”

Justice Ejaz Afzal added, “The performance of joint investigation teams constituted in respect of the missing persons is nil. These have been set up merely eyewash. Their performance reflects that no missing person will be recovered.”

During the course of hearing, Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokhar, Amna Masud Janjua and the concerned police officers appeared in the court.

The court took up Sajjadul Hassan’s case. A report was presented in the court. Amna Masud Janjua said an application was also filed in 2012 that Sajjad case was an enforced disappearance case. A notice was issued to the Punjab advocate general in this case, she added.

In its order, the court said the federation had given its report that intelligence agencies had denied they had picked Sajjad up.

The court ordered police to recover Sajjad within two weeks.

Hearing the case of Saeed Ahmad who was allegedly picked up from Karachi, the court ordered that he be also recovered within two weeks.

In Attiqur Rehman’s case, the court was informed that some people in police uniform had picked him up. A report has been sought from police.

Tariq Khokhar informed the court that the police report was incomplete.

Justice Anwar Zahir Jamali remarked, “We cannot shut our eyes. Why are the intelligence agencies not releasing this person? Witnesses be summoned and they be cross questioned and action be taken against the persons found responsible.”

In Abdul Wahid missing person case, it was informed that the Wahid was still missing.

Khokhar told the court that two men were picked up by men in police uniform.

Abdul Wasim and Usman Ghani were picked up from a petrol pump and per witnesses, police was involved in the incident that occurred in Ferozwala.

The court asked the SHO to file affidavits with reference to these persons, as the incident had occurred in the limits of his station. “You are given two weeks time,” the court said.


  1. the concept of perjury is not known to many a citizen, that is why i think they tell blatant lies in courts. perhaps they think that the courts are not aware of the concept of perjury either.

  2. From the day we became separated from India till now, our rulers and our armed forces have never told us the truth about what they do. We have always been kept in the dark, and now we see that even our courts being denied true information. This tendency had kept our people ignorant or misled by misinformation. Does anyone in this unfortunate country know what our army is doing in J&K across the LOC right now? We have infiltrated into the Indian side and they are killing our brave soldiers, and our media is keeping us completely in the dark. Is it then a surprise that we will soon be a failed state with no friends in the entire world? May Allah save us!

  3. There are matters of State which need not be interfered with or meddled in.This is one such matter.The Courts know it as do the Politicians.In this case more important cases have been overtaken by a case which is more of a waste of time because the Judge knows all about what happened and it is all about national security. And it is also clear that the missing persons were no angels.

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