White Lies


Dr Ghulaam Mujtaba, that Karachi dude who has his face plastered over billboards all over Karachi and, for that matter, the internet, had quite an experience the other day.

He was flying from Islamabad to Karachi and was sitting in the foremost chamber of the plane when he was asked to make room for the first family. He refused to move. ‘I’ve paid for this seat and I’ve got a boarding pass on me,’ he reasoned. It’s the president’s family, said the flight staff.

Well, our man threatened to call a press conference the moment the flight lands, upon which the PIA guys eased up.

Threatening to hold a press conference is now better than saying you know so-and-so.


Asif Zardari has applied for extra protection for himself in, perhaps the correct fear, that the Taliban might want to harm him.

But he also wants to arrange his party’s affairs in the Punjab. Which would be tough to do. As it is, the jiyalas in the province are all but waiting for him with garlands in anticipation of his imminent arrival. But he’s nowhere to be seen. Too tall an order, Mr. (former) President?