Inside Syria


The Syrian Stumble Part 2

The biggest humanitarian crisis of the recent century has sparked world-wide protests in across the globe, igniting wild fire as over 2 million Syrian refugees has been displaced by war and over 5000 men, women and children are crossing the border on a daily basis. This is clearly not a sign for war but a clearly indicator for humanitarian assistance where we need peace forces inside Syria , to help facilitate the government there and not rebels with a cause trying to capture Damascus. This is the worst case scenario after Vietnam.

The United Nations Security Council mandate must be authorized prior to any attack or strike on Syria or else America will find itself on the wrong side of the UN and the world. United Nations has questioned the legality of the strike plan under which so far, no UNSC authorization has taken place nor is it question of self defence for US or any of its Arab Allies.” The military crisis on Syria over the use of chemical weapons will worsen the conflict” – says Ban Ki-Moon. It is further been stated that if any country deviates from the United Nations Charter, they actions will be consider a “War Crime”. The hysteria has not dies down. On the other hand, America has taken up the matter for congressional approval as per their country laws, something that comes as a sudden surprise move to delay the war plan by seeking council, still without UN backing. With UK on the defensive, France still not clearly defined on their support strategy, Germany already having refused to support US, and the Russian threat for a counter-strike, the plans for a surgical strike seems far reaching and counterproductive. Inside the Pentagon, they are defensive. Gen Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated in a July 19 letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee, that larger-scale military operations would cost hundreds of millions or billions, depending on the number of forces and the duration of the operations. For example, training and assisting Syrian opposition forces would cost $500 million annually and “limited” standoff missile and air strikes would cost in the “billions.” Operating a no-fly zone would cost about $1 billion per month, and the cost of using special operations forces to control chemical weapons would be “over” $1 billion monthly. This raises the question: Can America affords this war? After two and half years of war and over 100,000 killings, there is carnage inside the country and the war is not about to stop. Over 10percent of the Syrian population having moved out of the country, still 4.25 million people are estimated to be still inside Syria, their own country. America has created a proxy war, with the funding coming through Israel and feet on ground being supplied through the rebels being supported by countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Who will benefit out of this war? So far – both Israel and America stand to lose from the war as countless strikes within Tel Aviv will destroy Israel and create a absolute war zone within the region with Hezbollah already armed with over 80,000 missiles pointed in that direction and Iran s open threat to wipe out the Zionist regime . A strike inside Syria could possibly trigger attacks inside Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is desperate and concerned. The only possible way to stop this bloodshed is to stop arming the rebel’s armies inside Syria and to bring Assad on the table talks with the only mediating body – the UN.

Long after the American boots walk away, the people living in this region will still be here and will have to face the music as mistrust created by one or two countries will not be forgotten by others in the region as the deaths will be avenged. This will create a deeper economic downfall for the west and will increase further massive unemployment, food and water emergencies, disease and desperation, if the recovery drive is further delayed. Hence it is imminent that every country must follow the UN mandate for talks and engage worldwide peace missions to supply their human and financial capital to Syria. The trail of clues is leading to disaster and the finger is pointing at the United States in this new conspiracy to start a war, despite their claims otherwise. Inner circles indicate that air strikes will be target specific but that is never a guarantee when war is on the loose. Ground attacks will not take place. Each country is on a war path, knowing the short term and long term impacts that can create many 9/11 s, similar to the one that happened in America. Exact casualty counts are still unknown inside Syria at present. There is a media block and with no actual press coverage there, we clearly do not know how many have died. Yet, Syrians claim that unless rebels are not torn down and weapons not destroyed, the war will rage on. Another disturbing news in the media has also sparked controversy is the discovery of hacked files that the email correspondence indicates the US government was the most probable sponsor of the latest chemical attack in Syria and there are reports that American media buried the 2009 report indicating proof of use of chemical weapons against Palestinians by Israel. America must not get dragged into another lost war in this region, for their own survival.

Summing up; this clearly means that UN attains a state of grace as the G 20 has failed to bridge gaps, by ensuring a cease fire and any decision to go to war on Syrian land – whether on ground or air strike, must be approved legitimately – only and only if a clear and present danger of usage of chemical weapons is established through highly credible forces. Not under any circumstances can the world survive this war, if it’s a conventional war as this will certainly trigger destruction never before seen by human eye since WW2. This is the real test for peace and politics to work together, to ensure that humanity survives after this war is over.

Zeeshan Shah, who writes on international relations and public policy, is a banker and media broadcaster.