US threatens of sanctions over gas pipeline project with Iran


Pakistan could face tough US sanctions if it goes ahead with the multi-billion gas pipeline project with Iran, a top American diplomat has said.

The Obama administration is having discussions in this regard with Pakistan, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Windy Sherman told lawmakers at a Congressional hearing on Friday.

“On Pakistan, we have had those discussions (on Iran-Pak gas pipeline) and will continue with the Pakistani government. My own assessment is it’s not going anywhere anytime soon,” Sherman told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“But they (Pakistan) certainly understand where we are and what our sanctions require should it proceed,” she said.

“So we will keep vigilant about not only what Pakistan may do, but any country that is going to have to confront the sanctions that the United States and the international community has at its disposal,” Sherman said in response to a question from Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Last week, Pakistan’s prime minister said he intended to move forward with a natural gas pipeline deal with Iran that was agreed to by the previous government with Pakistan,” Menendez said, adding, “If that were to take place, it would be in clear violation of our Iran sanctions regime.”


  1. I guess that bloody american diplomat need to be told that US withdrawl from Afghanistan can also face Pakistani Sanctions. Its a bargain which Pakistan must play good..

  2. What you want more, Pakistan is already suffocated by your war on terror and hidden sanctions you and your partners has put on all fronts for Pakistan, topped up with insurgency and terror attacks inside Pakistan.

    Pushed to wall will have nothing to loose! so go on add the sanctions, dont let a energy starved nation to breathe!

  3. US let India import oil from Iran and at the same time offer nuclear supplies with no sanctions for India at all! Pakistan is not allowed to have gas import from its neighbour! What a double standards

    • Look emotions have no role in international affairs. When our former Pres.Zardari signed the agreement with Iran i said then it was no go.(read my comments). There are no double standards. USA is the only superpower and our agreement is not going to come into fruition until the nuclear issue between USA and iran is settled. Even Saudi Arabia which supplies us with cheap oil besides other economic help was not pleased with Zardaris moves though the latter became temporarily popular. The public opinion(as always ) is against USA but the public Policy is not. What a paradox. I understand your anger but let us put our house in irder first.How about stopping the stealing of electricity. Is that to much to ask. Charity begnis at home.

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