PML-N MPA tortures traffic warden for stopping his vehicle


A member of the Punjab Assembly from the PML-N, Naeem Gul, tortured a traffic warden for stopping his vehicle on Friday.

Police said the traffic warden was tortured by the PML-N lawmaker for stopping his vehicle. The traffic warden was taken to the RPO office in injured condition.

The injured traffic warden told the police that he had stopped the vehicle because of a protest in the area. He said the lawmaker got infuriated and tortured him.


  1. Its shame that a responsible law maker breaks the law of the land himself by torturing the uniformed man who did his job. When this PML N leaders will learn to respect the law ? Its better they behave as law abiding citizens of the coungtry and set example for others.

  2. SHAMM ON these, CM Saaaaaab!!!!!! Notice lein, Get out him from Assembly and sent him in Jail. look at ur record of 4 month.
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