CJP’s daughter gets engaged to EDEN builders CE


The daughter of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has been engaged to the chief executive of renowned EDEN builders’ group, Murtaza Amjad, son of Dr Amjad.

The ceremony, hosted by the Chief Justice House on Thursday, was attended by close relatives only, and none of the Supreme Court judges was invited.

Compared to the much lavish walima ceremony of CJP’s son Dr Arsalan Chaudhry held two years ago in Lahore, this reception was quite a low-profile affair.

The EDEN group is reported to be involved in the Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) scandal, having a massive outstanding bills of Rs 900 million, the hearing of which has already been carried out by the chief justice.

The FIA had been directed on August 29 to refrain from harassing the EDEN group in order to acquire the outstanding amount worth Rs 900 million from them.


  1. Well done Sir the Hon. CJP. I helps to have business tycoons as in-laws, be it your own or family.

  2. کیا ملک ریاض کے ساتھ مخاصمت کی یہی وجہ تھی؟
    عدل و انصاف کی مٹی اس شخص نے جتنی پلید کی ہے پاکستان کی تاریخ میں کسی نے نہیں کی ہوگي ۔

  3. Well done Cheap Justice.
    Not that much cunning and cheap person in history of Pakistan Supreme Court.

  4. Well done Thief of Justice! This is the man who has held Pakistan hostage since 2007; ignorant lawyers, opportunist media groups and civil society lobbied for this man. We were doing just fine under Musharraf. Look what has been brought under the garb of the so called 'Rule of Law' and 'Democracy'. Thank you, fellow countrymen. Keep supporting such people and soon there will be nothing to support.

  5. Its a pity that there is no accountability for CJP. If there is any enquiry, his fellow colleagues Justice Khilji and Jawad Khawaja will make sure that a one-man commission will be set up for a white-wash.

  6. khoob looto,khao,mafia say rishta karo or apni or mulk ki miti palid karo. Well done cheap justice of this country.

  7. Rishta sb hi karty hain. Kahen to karna hi tha. Han log sirf tanqeed kar sakty hain bas. Khuda ka khuf karo.

  8. CJP doesnt need to do this. He had a good reputation and people brought him back through civil disobedience and protests. He has been selective in choosing cases. PTI has been screaming about election rigging but he didnt take notice. and he has not been able to get Govt. .to do local bodies elections. He is perceived as most successful chief justice of pakistan and most powerful, yet in his term (under zardari and mushy govt) we had the most corrupt period in the history of pakistan. How will he be viewed in History. His two children are now linked to the corrupt land mafia.

    • So now you know how misguided and erratic are the people of Pakistan when they restore a corrupt man as the Chief Justice. Do not blame Musharraf but yourself. You have also eaten dust by electing one corrupt govt after another. You like to be kicked around so you shall be kicked around. Nawaz Sharif has a Minister of Law who is the cousin of this squint and that arrangement is working so far and then they have Kayani. Keep your fingers crossed.

  9. Every body is talking about corruption.What about corruption from 1958 to 1970.The most corrupt period is 1977 to 1988.Judiciary,civil servants,army,civil society,businessmen,religious leaders and above all people of Pakistan,all were forced or trained to be corrupt.The progeny of that period is ruling the country.

  10. a good deal indeed. After all CJ should secure the futre of his children like any body n Pakistan. But am sure this would not attract SUO MUTO action by CJ

  11. I did not see a single comment in favor of CJ.
    Our nation always wakes up once nothing is left in her hands!!
    Well-done Pakistanies.

    Let's see when would she wake-up again against Mr. Terror Khan

  12. Ye sirf chor nahi balky choron or dehshat gardon ka chief hy, es ne aj tk kon sa insaf mulk ko deya hy, es ko chief justis kahna insaf ki tazlil hy

  13. no wonder why general Musharraf kicked his a$$. Gen Musharraf was very foresighted and new knew that this cheap justice is a currupt persons alongwith his collegues

  14. Eden Builders are big liars, cheaters and fraud. They have looted many innocent people who have invested in Eden Abad, Eden Gardens, Eden Lands and in many of their projects. All of these people are suffering but still they didn't deliver while they sent cancellation notice to their clients who have paid all the installments a couple of years ago. CJP have knowledge of their Scams even then he ties with these cheaters.

  15. CJP. IFTIKHAR MUHAMMAD CHAUDHARY. Allah Ap ko hamesha shad abad rakhe ap is Pakistan men insaf ki alamat hen umeed ki kiran hen mere bas men ho to men har adalat men ap ki tasveer lagwa don jo ap ne is mulk k liye kia us ko slam he agar ye mulk chalta he to us men ap ka bohat bra hisa he

    • Why bro? There is no change in judiciary? He did a very little and now shaking hands with most corrupt people of Pakistan. I know that company very well. And those people, I even don't consider them humans. Thousands ov people are waiting for their homes after paying a lot of money. But they damn care.
      And now after this wedding. There is no hope for those people now. Their is no body or court to hear screams of those people.
      Pakistan Zindabad.

  16. no wonder why general Musharraf kicked his a$$. Gen Musharraf was very foresighted and new knew that this cheap justice is a currupt persons alongwith his collegues
    no wonder why general Musharraf kicked his a$$. Gen Musharraf was very foresighted and new knew that this cheap justice is a currupt persons alongwith his collegues
    Wah re pakistan teri qismat!! insaf dainy waly sub se bary chor niklay..Allah save pakistan

  17. It seems that our judiciary is involved in activities of the corrupt land mafia.
    In this news one of our Land mafia persons is buiding back-door ties with judiciary.

    Remember Arslaln Iftikhar & Malik Riaz (Bahria Town) case also.

  18. I need my plot ownership since i have paid all instalment 2 and half year ago , but 5 merla plot not given me nor any information when Eden Land management will give me , my plot ownership. Please confirm when you give my plot # and ownership. waiting your very positive response.

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