Miandad offers to quit as DG, PCB


Director General (DG) Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Javed Miandad has offered to stand down from his post here on Wednesday.

He said that he was not desperate to keep his post and could easily earn a living through coaching any team anywhere in the world.

According to media reports, he said that if his resignation meant the retention of some of his colleagues in the PCB, he would be happy to resign.

He further said that the post of DG was created by former PCB chief Ijaz Butt to acknowledge his achievements and use his experience for the betterment of cricket in Pakistan.


  1. He should because he has never contributed positively anything as a PCB official and only enjoyed the perks.

  2. if some of his collegues are retined in the PCB!!!!!!
    what a moran and acorrupt person, who is bargaining for his cronies.
    still the same old politics even in game.
    he should be kicked out immediately

  3. There should be ban on Pakistan ex players to be coach any world class cricket team. Means, These players give tips to opposition teams what they know about the weaknesses of their own home country team members, therefore, other teams like Zimbabwe has the courage to defeat Pakistan.

  4. Instead of offering to quit his job Miandad should just quit. He has milked the PCB for several years without any visible contribution for the betterment of cricket in the country

  5. He should quit and let PCB off the hook. Everybody knows the pressure exerted by the former Mumbai Underworld Don , Mr D.Ibrahim to get him this job.

  6. Dude dont offer just quit .. btw you are a relative of richest don of the world .. you dont need petty jobs ..

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