Altaf appeals to supporters to prepare themselves for difficult times



MQM chief Altaf Hussain on Wednesday appealed to his supporters to prepare themselves mentally and physically for difficult times if they sincerely considered him their leader.

An MQM statement issued from the party’s London secretariat quoted Altaf as appealing to all ethnicities specially the muhajirs, the Urdu-speaking concentrated mostly in the urban centres of Sindh.

Altaf said the Sindh government and the administration were carrying out actions against the MQM on the basis of fabricated, false and baseless allegations.

“Their actions indicate that the government of the Sindh has decided to wipe off muhajirs from the face of the earth,” the MQM chief said.

He said they had tried once again to show that the muhajirs were supporters of India. “In order to substantiate their false claim, they have said they found Indian-made weapons when they arrested MQM’s workers.”

The MQM chief lamented they had tried this by accusing MQM of Jinnahpur conspiracy and publishing a false report about the Muhajir Republic Army in the past. He said their action was highly condemnable.

Altaf said this was 21st century. It was the age of information technology. “Even kids can see through their treacherous plan. What they want to achieve by baseless and fabricated allegations.”


  1. MQM Killer Mafia Don Altaf Hussain is not a leader, he is mass murderer, terrorist, Bhatta Khor and Adam Khor.

  2. Altaf Hussain case is under investigation by British Police and see what they come up with A man having British Nationality has ruined the name of British Government by plotting and organizing crimes against humanity in Karachi What he is trying to do now is an act of violence in Karachi this aiding and abetting might further land him in serious trouble in UK

  3. why is he hiding like a mouse, go to pakistan and open your eyes instead drinking like a sloth, evil vile man . just remember one day u will leave this world and have answer to Allah swt, wake up man.

  4. Now vast majority of muhajirs hates Altaf Hussain , he again wants to creat and start 1990s MQM dirty politics, But now the media is very powerful , they will fully expose MQM and Altaf's double games and evil dramas. Culprit Altaf Hussain Murdabad

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