SC allows DHA to withdraw Rs 135m from banks to pay bills, salaries


The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday allowed the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to draw Rs 135 million from banks for payment of utility bills and disbursement of salaries among its employees.

A two-member SC bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Chaudhry, took up the EOBI corruption case for hearing.

Counsel for DHA Irfan Qadir appeared told the court that Rs 135 million were immediately needed for the payment of salaries to the employees of DHA and for payment of utility bills. He requested the court to accord permission to draw the amount from the banks.

Tariq Mehmood, counsel for EdenGardens told the court that the FIA confiscated the passport of his company’s director on his return to Pakistan from a foreign trip. “He has to proceed to Saudi Arabia for performance of haj, therefore, orders be issued that his passport be returned to him. I assure you that whenever he is needed, he will return to Pakistan,” he said.

The court ordered the FIA to return the passport to the company’s director and adjourned further proceedings for another two weeks.