25 million dollars being smuggled out every month, says Governor SBP


Governor State Bank Yasin Anwar has termed the issue of devaluation of rupee against dollar as ‘sensitive.’

Speaking at a Senate committee meeting, which convened with Nasreen Jalil as the chair, Governor State Bank blamed rumors and speculations as major cause for the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee.

He revealed that dollars were being siphoned out through Chaman and FATA, and around 25 million dollars were being transferred abroad from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad airports every month.


  1. This is a repeat of what happened in 1998.Do you remmember who was the Prime Minister then. If memory serves me right it was Nawaz Sharif. Small account holders suffered but he froze Foreign Exchange accounts after what …….

    • How well I remember that act of state sanctioned theft.

      Nawaz and his people will always put themselves first.

      Pakistan is screwed!

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