Taliban had no role in Qissa Khwani bombing, believes PM


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said the Taliban had disowned the latest devastating blast in Peshawar that led to killing of over 40 people on Sunday.

Talking to reporters, he said a strategy would be formed regarding the Taliban after he returned to Pakistan.

He expressed concern that terrorism was being exported to other countries from Pakistani soil, adding that terrorism was being promoted in Pakistan from abroad as well.

The prime minister said terrorism was not only the problem of Pakistan, but of many countries. However‚ he said peace was essential for the people of the region.

He said there were many poor in both Pakistan and India and both should nations should concentrate on their betterment.

Nawaz said he conveyed Pakistan’s concerns to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during their meeting in New York on Sunday.

He said he discussed various issues, including Balochistan unrest, and informed his Indian counterpart about Pakistan’s concerns.

Nawaz said he urged Singh to resolve all issues between Pakistan and India through talks, as peace was the only way forward for both the countries.

He said he presented Pakistan’s principled viewpoint in the UN general assembly.

Nawaz added that in his talks with the Indian prime minister‚ he insisted on solution of all problems through dialogue.

He said he informed Dr Singh about Pakistan’s security concerns.


    • He is too dumb to even spell Machiavelli but then this is inborn and you see these small Machiavellis in Akbari Mandi and other bazaars of Pakistan..

  1. will a thief ever own up to what he has done? If nawa's intelligence is so good, why was the same intelligence not used to thwart the atrocities

  2. There are none so blind, as those who will not see….

    Nawaz is fooling himself and trying to fool us all. The Taliban are murderers.

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