Shahi Syed says Tappi the real chief minister of Sindh


ANP Sindh President Senator Shahi Syed on Friday called Owais Muzaffar Tappi, a close aide of former president Asif Ali Zardari, “the real chief minister of Sindh”.

Talking to reporters, Syed expressed grave concern over the security of his key party workers, adding that Tappi did not want to provide them security.

He said in Sindh, Tappi enjoyed the powers of CM as all his orders were followed by the administration.

The ANP leader said party workers were being targeted. He demanded Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah resign as he had failed to restore peace in Karachi.

He said the ANP would quit the provincial government if the killing of ANP workers continued.


  1. Unfortunately in Sind no one has owned the land. Boots managed to get MQM in place and hence never ending power sharing fight started. There will always be likes like Tappi…..However, they should thank God and try to do some good for the people too. They have placed one non qualified Bribe Man Qazi Jamal Mustafa….Who has recently bought property in DHA Karachi with bribe money and will not be able to disclose the source nor the exact amount. But the claim to fame for such low lifers is licking of a__ apically. Would request to kindly probe into this person s background…from a credit card defaulter to this …..without any income….only black money for his family…..

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