‘Political conspiracy’ against Musharraf


The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) protested against the continued detention of military dictator Pervez Musharraf, terming it “a part of an elaborate political conspiracy, contrary to justice and the rule of law.” In a press statement, Musharraf’s political advisor, Chaudry Sarfraz Anjum Kahlon stated that the former president “was being punished for protecting the unity and integrity of Pakistan against violent actors.” “All cases currently registered against Musharraf are politically orientated and devoid of any truth or legal merit. It is a grave injustice that the former president has been incarcerated for nearly six months and serious questions are being raised about the validity of the legal process.” Kahlon added that “those political forces behind the unjust and illegal detention of Musharraf are inadvertently emboldening extremists, terrorists and foreign backed separatists in Pakistan.” Kahlon further remarked that “certain political forces wish to create an intolerable situation for Musharraf in the hope that he will leave Pakistan, but they will fail in their malicious designs as a Pakistani soldier always overcomes challenges and lives only for his country and people.”


  1. Mush is a good man and an honest guy but he is not from the 500 families who have the mandate to rule 'democratic pakistan'. It is best that he leaves the country and goes away to Dubai to be with his elderly mother.

  2. Shame on the way the words written, Specially first 2 lines, He is the Ex-President of Pakistan, Ex- Army chief….! you must b neutral while reporting.! His period was best of best period for Pakistan.. what the hail you will do with this courpit democracy.! Love You Mushraf

    • Friends, unfortunately he forgot the famous words of De Gaulle, "graveyards are full of indispensable people", his worst mistake was to go back to the viper's den to save his country. He/his dumb advisors overestimated his strength. If he can escape, then he should (it will not be cowardness). As for the people who want to try him for treason, they are struggling to survive themselves. Many actors in this drama are heading towards guillotine, or if lucky then to an exile. Just wait and see. We will not be writing here if we had any power.

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