PML-N jolts masses with massive power tariff hike




PML-N leaders, who promised prosperity and progress as part of its election manifesto, on Monday approved yet another hike in electricity tariff, jacking up power prices by Rs 5.89 per unit.

The hike would be applicable to people consuming 201-300 units of electricity, while those consuming 301-700 units of electricity would be subjected to a raise of Rs 3.67 per unit.

Following the hike, those consuming 201 to 300 units will have to pay Rs 14 per unit instead of the earlier Rs 8.11.

Similarly, consumers using 301 to 700 units will be paying Rs 16 per unit instead of Rs 12.33.

The increase in electricity tariff is one of the requirements of the loan deal the government struck with the IMF recently.

The electricity tariff for the agriculture sector was also earlier increased and the subsidy for the sector was cut.  This was done as a requirement for the initial reimbursement of the loan given by the IMF.

There was also a sudden increase in electricity tariff for the textile industry.

The increase in electricity tariff is expected to affect economic growth, as power consumption makes up a large part of the basket of items used to calculate inflation.

The central bank, by raising the interest rate, has already taken a step which is expected to have a higher inflationary pressure in the coming months.

Authorities concerned have issued a notification for the power tariff hike.


  1. All politicians are united to kill the nation, no dam no cheap electricity, and in near future no water.

  2. I bet that if Electricity tarrif is fixed even at 30 Rupee per unit, The Electricity Company will go in loss, because of corruption, no real revenue is generated by them. The real culprit are the field employees (line men, Inspectors, meter readers and Kunda connection givers) of the Electrical company. Once the corruption is cleared the company will go in profit without any price hike. KOUN SAMJHE GA YEH HAQEEQAT ?

  3. Dooms day for the honest people in Pakistan

    Petrol price cut by Rs 3.05 per litre, diesel to cost 50 paise more
    (A TOI news of today i.e., 30 Sept. 2013).

    Now, look how exactly today PMLN’s government has treated the Pakistani nation, by increasing the electricity rates by 30%, instead of reducing the petrol prices.

    The only argument with the PMLN’s government for increasing the power rates is that how can expensive electricity be supplied at a less rate? This argument does not hold water in the face of the fact that instead of recovering electricity bills from those people who are involved in power theft at an ultra massive level (above 40% line losses as per NEPRA), the government has adopted the easy way of recovering the enhanced bill, by punishing those 60% honest bill payers, who have never been involved in the power theft.

    Today is the dooms day for the honest people, who deserved a reduction in petrol prices. have been punished by historic rise in the power bills.

    Dekho Dekho Koun Aaaya….
    Sher Aaaya Sher Aaaya….

  4. The most surprising fact is that this news does not appear in the headlines!! What does this indicate? Your guess is as good as mine.

  5. The Nation is ready to take Jolts further. Be quick and drop bombs. Can you still claim all this as " improvement of economy"?

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