Pakistan to get off the beaten track soon


“The federal government is fully supporting efforts of provincial governments and organisations for promotion of tourism in the country.”

This was said by Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid while speaking at a World Tourism Day event organised by Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Saturday.

He said tourism helps promote friendly and cordial relations between nations and is vital for boosting economic activity, income generation, job creation and poverty alleviation.

Tourism has 10 percent share in the global economy and it makes the world more stable by creating goodwill and brings people together from far off places, he added.

The minister observed that Pakistan has tremendous potential to boost tourism on sustainable basis because of its landscapes and diverse culture which is on display from Khyber to Karachi.

Pakistan is the land of 5000 year old Indus valley civilisation, has rich traditions of art and architecture and its people are hard working and talented and it is blessed with four seasons.

Talking about situation in Pakistan, he said it is right that Pakistan has religious and cultural diversities and it is cradle of old civilisations of Gandhara, Buddhism and Moenjodaro but it is unfortunate that “we have problem of narrow mindedness. Our hearts now are not that big to take care of our national heritage and cultural assets.”

“We are not tolerating even those who share same faith and religion and people are divided on sectarian basis. Places of worship and people are being attacked.”

It is unfortunate that Muslims, worshipping in the United States,

Britain, Japan, China and other countries feel safe but they feel worried and unsafe when they go to mosques.

“Parents are anxious when their children are at school and children are worried when their parents are out for work.”

Rashid said a tourist can dare to visit another country for adventure, bear difficulties of travel and can spend nights without facilities but if his life is in danger than it is another matter.

“We have to think whether we want to continue living in same situation or we will take steps to improve circumstances.”

The minister said authorities need support of people while fulfilling their responsibility of making Pakistan a peaceful and safe country.

“It is responsibility of us all to make Pakistan peaceful and safe,”

Pervaiz said adding, “When Pakistan will become secure then we can invite tourists to visit Pakistan and enjoy its scenic beauty, mountains, lakes, cultural sites and centuries old historical places.”