A look at ‘Numm’


The story of ‘Numm’ too has cleared up quite a bit and I must say this is one entertaining drama. Wali wanted a bargain, he wanted to obey all medieval traditions just to ensure all the available material comforts for himself. Little did he know that he will end up paying even more for the storm that Neelum is.
The last episode showed how entertaining Neelum, the new bride can be. She lives in her own bubble and although she might think she has the upper hand, I think she is in for a big shock. This haveli holds more secrets and demons than young Neelum can handle and I wonder how she manages to survive purely on her childish behavior.
In the first episode, it seemed that Wali and Mahjabeen (Saia Saeed) share a cold relationship. However, now it is quite clear that they do not. Mahjabeen has practically raised her own husband from a child and she knows him very well. Wali too, finds solace in the calm, collected nature of Mahjabeen and a silent understanding lays bneath their cold exteriors. Their relationship is not that of a husband and wife, it is quite complex and borders between that of a mother-son, husband-wife and confidant.
Although the story was not quite clear in the first episode, we got a very good understanding of all the characters of the drama. This episode seemed slower and since the personalities of the characters was already quite clear, the story didn’t move forward with the pace that it should have. Overall, this was another good episode that makes the drama well worth watching.