Scary spouses! Obama says wife’s fear made him quite smoking


Be careful what you say, President Barack Obama! While privately chit-chatting with UN General Assembly attendee Maina Kiai this week, the commander in chief didn’t realize one of his microphones was still on and let slip a funny anecdote about wife Michelle Obama. “I hope you’ve quit smoking,” Obama said to Kiai, who replied, “Sometimes.” “I haven’t had a cigarette in probably six years,” Obama continued, adding with a smile and laugh, “That’s because I’m scared of my wife.” Back in 2011, Michelle revealed that her husband had finally kicked his smoking habit, saying, “He’s always wanted to quit.” And back in 2008, Obama told People he wasn’t an every-day smoker. “That was always a little over-hyped,” he said of the reports. “You know, I’d sneak maybe three, four cigarettes a day, then I could go three or four days without one.” It sure sounds like Obama’s done smoking for good, thanks to the positive influence of the First Lady!