Dengue spreading like wildfire in Swat


Dengue virus claimed two more lives raising the death toll to 25 in Swat district.

Both the victims, 22-year-old Muhammad Zahid, a resident of Charbagh and 30-year-old Gohar Alam, a resident of Malukabad died in Saidu Sharif Hospital, said sources.

An administration official said that dengue is expected to reduce in October due to weather change.

The official said the government was providing every possible health facility to the patients. He said the government had also launched a campaign to educate and spread awareness among the masses.

The official said that special teams were sent to the affected areas to assess the situation. Over 29,500 houses were searched where dengue eggs and larva were found in over 6,000 houses.

According to other sources, 169 more cases were registered in hospitals including one in Peshawar Hospital. Some of these patients were in critical condition.

However, political leaders from opposition parties criticised Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for failing to control the situation and urged the government to take effective measures against the outbreak.