China to close Sino-Pak border for ten days


The Chinese government has decided to close the Sino-Pak border for ten days as part of stringent security measures ahead of National Day of China celebrations.

According to Hunza Nagar Police, a notification received from the Chinese government said that the Khunjrab Border will be closed from September 28 to October 7. Trade and traffic between the two countries will remain closed during this period.

The Chinese government has expressed concerns about threat of terrorist infiltration through Khunjrab Border in the past.

Such measures are routinely taken to guard the country against anti-state elements involved in subversive activities in the Xinjiang autonomous region, where sections of the Uyghur communities have been involved in a struggle against the government.


  1. This is the reaction of our so-called sincerity and love to our friends.If our neighbors are not happy with our behavior and conduct,how we will be sincere to Pakistani bretherns.

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