PIA paid Rs 80.81 million fine in last five years


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has paid Rs 80.81 million fine in last five years to various countries on various charges, says a document produced in the Parliament. According to the document Rs 6.14 million were paid in year 2008, Rs 31.27 million in 2009, Rs 16.66 million in 2010, Rs 4.98 million in 2011 and Rs 21.76 million in the year 2012. The fine has been imposed in Doha, Dhahran, Milan, Birmingham, Manchester, London, New York, Toronto, Beijing, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Riyadh, Frankfurt, etc. The fine was paid on the charges for detecting forged or no documents, Change of date of birth on passports, expired or re-entry visa, photo change, non submission of original visa by sponsor at airport, Child visa (not traveled with parents) and fraudulent passport from different passengers. The document says that 138 compensation claims have so far been received from the legal heirs of Air Blue air crash victims, all of them have been compensated Rs 5 lac each as per announcement by the then prime minister.