No plans to marry, Pashto film experience is pleasant, says Meera


Pashto film is a pleasant experience, artists do not border any language and Lollywood there will be soon on your feet. According to news, Pakistani actress Meera told that I have no plan to marry because I want to more work in my life. It is pleasant experience in Pashto films because actress is no limitation on his work. Is easier to criticize and difficult to work in practice, those politics or sports, showbiz criticism for criticism in all spheres of life including fashion we have become. Criticism everyone asked what the best solution then is, but anyone will have no answer.
I know that Electronic media much top of world facilities and they opened all doors for everyone; we will make new films to come near soon to the top of world. It is proved that everyone want to see new films with new technology and new stories but now Pakistani film industry everyday grooming.