Peshawar church reopened after deadly blasts: 6 suspects arrested


130 year old historical Pakistan Church in Peshawar, which had been targeted by terrorists, was reopened for worship on Tuesday after repairs and cleaning.

On Sunday, twin suicide blasts killed 83 people and injured up to 150 others, while Christians were coming out from the church located at Kohati Gate area of Peshawar.

Police arrested 6 suspects involved in Peshawar church attack on Tuesday.

At least 67 victims were discharged from the Lady Reading Hospital after their condition was declared stable by doctors.

Special Investigation team constituted to probe the incident has revealed that one of the suicide bombers could be a young lady aged between 20-25 years.

The attack on All Saints Church in the northwestern city of Peshawar after a service on Sunday is believed to be the deadliest ever to target the country’s Christian minority.

Christians demonstrated in towns and cities across Pakistan, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar, demanding better protection from authorities.


  1. as we are all abrahamic religions there is something seriously wrong with this culture of hate and violence emanating from imans modern teachings. Ask any of them who does save the world at the end of the Koran ….

  2. We repeat what Jen Psaki, Department of State Spokesperson, said: “We support Pakistan’s efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. The United States remains concerned about continuing sectarian violence in Pakistan that has brought heartache to Sunnis, Shia, Christians, and members of other communities across the country. Extremist violence against innocent Pakistani men, women, and children of any faith is an assault on universal human values.” Our nations are working night and day to restore peace in the region. It is no secret that nation of Pakistan continues to face the wrath of terrorism. We will continue to support Pakistan in its effort to counter terrorism, and wish to see peace prevail throughout the region.

    Ali Khan
    DET, United States Central Command

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