Doctors continue strike in Quetta against non recovery of abducted fellow


On Tuesday the doctors of Quetta continued strike, the sixth consecutive day as abducted Dr Abdul Manaf could not be recovered.

Dr Abdul Manaf, a renowned cardiologist was abducted by unknown armed miscreants on September 17, and shifted him to some secret place.

As a protest against the abduction of their senior colleague, doctors boycotted work at OPDs of the government and the private hospitals but they were attending patients in emergency and casualty departments.

The protesting doctors blamed that the government was not making serious efforts for the recovery of the abductees.

They warned that if Dr Abdul Manaf was not recovered immediately then the doctor’s protest would be made still tougher.

People and social circles have asked striking doctors that the abduction of doctors, teachers, and others is a condemnable act yet they should end their strike for the interest of the poor masses.