The casualties of war


The constant victimization within Karachi occupies our minds. One of the most vibrant cities of our times is going through a catharsis. Endless bloodshed is necessarily the order of the day, as war in turns eliminates itself through war. Government seeks resolution through talks but also has ensured a clear cut operational strategy to combat war crimes, both within Karachi and the rest of the country. People were saying that the army needs to be brought into the operational mainframe though tactical ops does not require the entire security forces marching through streets but needs a robust and consistent action plan to deal with high risk areas , where chaos lives freely.

War was never an option but became one for Pakistan. First, we went ahead within Afghanistan aiding the Americans as allies back in the day for our own sakes, to avert a backlash inside our own country. Déjà vu strikes again as we are probably the only American friendly force inside Afghanistan, with a road map leading them out of war. We bore the brunt of it all after the Russians left but were dragged back into the war for another. American war crusade against Iran is actually real reason why they are back in this region. America is a permanent member of the UN Security council and uses the same to ensure their war friendly policies over the third world nations. Times has proven this strategy as futile and a combat failure for many nations as NATO is no more present , posing an imminent danger for America in search of a way out. How much money can one country get ? Pakistan has been paid billions of dollars and has gained financial support at the cost of heavy casualties of war, mostly non-armed civilians and poor people living in the rural regions of our country.

The on-ground operation within Karachi is call for order – a rage for order. The security agencies are decisive this time, taking executive actions where necessary. Thousands of people have been arrested inside the city and more weapons have been discovered easing the crime rate a little. The people are relieved and the government ratings have gone up, even though the currency is at its lowest. But onwards impact will be positive considering that it is illegal activity that eventually leads to the stock falls and produces a destabilized economy. Karachi was an economic hub but not anymore. It’s a den for criminals and a safe haven for money launderers. By simply ignoring the fact that there has been a constant turf war in the city for the past few years, governance was at its worst and the governments were a failure. This time around, it is the government who needs to secure itself , by actually ensuring peace within the so- called economic hub of the country. If they fail, we fail as a country.

Most of us criticize for the sake of criticism without realizing that the country has lost innocent blood in this constant war for control and power and such politics breeds bloodshed, leaving traces of war by the casualties of war that we have to deal with. After the hurt is gone, we pick up the ruins of war, a reminder that nothing will ever be the same again. Our greed and lust for money and illegal lavish living, tax evasion, drugs and guns never ceases. The biggest casualties of war are our children. They grow up watching breaking news full of negativity, killing, political lies and vulgarity. They are lead away from education by failed political mandates promising change, fake education schemes ,tall claims by corrupt governments and parliamentarians and an ignorant justice system which does not protect child rights , under the law or the constitution. For example , thousands of children are part of this mafia that collects money off the streets which in turn in controlled by local gangsters. Under the law, illegal child labor and child abuse is severely prohibited and is offensive. Yet, we as a nation of educated people watch this happen every day, outside on roads, pavements, traffic signals. And so does our police and law enforcement. NGO s promising reform and education lack moral civic sense to highlight such bizarre activities and instead are happy to build school buildings and furnish premises, pocketing the rest of the funds.

Terrorism is a destructive state of mind for the same lies of justice will apply to punish the criminals, as it does to punish the people who support criminal gang war in this region. Putting up a simple task force is not the option as the situation in Karachi is never that simple. To get to the core of the problem we need to get to the core of the solution which is to apprehend the well funded, well known pillars of influence- the power brokers who hold money, gun-power and the political positioning within government, armed forces , legal and private sectors of this country. To unmask them is a mammoth task that needs collective power of might. The speed at which the books are being replaced by guns and gadgets is shocking. Very few people read today but 99 percent of the country watches GEO, which is illegally funded .

Recent revelations have indicated a hidden presence of outside mafias, funding local entities here to pursue this agenda of negativity which eventually aims to destroy our youth and eventually create social disorder that leads to civil war. It’s a business where the weapon exporters make money off innocent minds by exercising mafias to run and supply weapons to the young people of this country who choose to rebel without a cause and are left stranded in uneducated in the long run- the lethal handicap for Pakistan. The policy of governance that does not address the education of the nation is a policy of fools and fanatics. Unfortunately, we are shrouded with ignorance and selfishness and are governed by fascists. There is good and bad everywhere but they must not co-exist for too long. Not everything is the responsibility of the army.

There is a war in every corner , in every city , town , tensil, province . Its is war against a war. It’s a cry for change and a cry for help. It’s a plea for justice for those who get none. It’s a sign that we are still a nation that feels , thinks , reacts and moves with the pulse of the people and are willing to make those difficult decisions that we need to make, to work very hard to ensure peace and prosperity back inside our country. The casualties of war must not be forgotten. In times to come, they may rise further but eventually we must not forget that the blood spilled avenges itself. The blood sport that is being played in this country must now stop , once and for all.

Zeeshan Shah is a banker and a political analyst on public policy and governance.


  1. There doesn't seem an end to the blood sport any time in the near future. Another series 'll be starting soon between Taliban & Army very soon which 'll be played in whole of the country, cities, big & small. And remember Zeeshan sahib, it 'll be a long series. I wish if the gov takes a strong stand after what ever was decided, in the APC, couple of weeks back. They talk differently when they are inside Pakistan & when they are outside Pakistan. Why dont they stick to the decision. I think, Army & the gov is not on the same page. Whether or not CIA or any other agency is involved in the recent terror attacks, gov must move ahead with its plan.

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