Pakistan to raise objections over four Indian power projects in Kashmir


The Pakistani Indus Commission delegation is set to raise objections over four hydro power projects that India aims to build in the disputed Kashmir region, Press Trust of India reported on Saturday.
According to the report, Pakistan will discuss its objections over the 850MW Ratle on the Chenab River, 1000MW Pakal Dul on the Marusaadar River, 120MW Miyar, and 48MW Lower Kalnai and hydro projects, proposed to be constructed by India in the Chenab basin.
Pakistan had already lodged a protest with India through the Indus Water Commission and the Foreign Office against the reduction in water flow in the River Chenab.
In June this year, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had laid the foundation stone for the Ratle project on River Chenab.
The five member Pakistani delegation will meet with their Indian counterparts under provisions of the 1960 Indus Water Treaty. Commissioners from both sides are required to meet at least once a year, alternately in India and Pakistan.