No justice without fair trial: CJP

  • Fair trial is an important aspect of justice

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Saturday said that verdict without a fair trial is no justice.

He said this while addressing an international convention titled ‘Fair Trial, Prospects and Implementation’ organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association at a local hotel on human rights.

He said that no society can survive without justice and that Islam lays great importance on it. The CJP said that the right to a fair trial is universally recognised by countries respecting the rule of law. “Justice forms the corner stone of each nation’s law,” he added.

The CJP said the National Judicial Policy was formulated to improve the system of administration of justice. He said that certain necessary and indispensable measures were adopted through the policy to cut short delays, for expeditious disposal of criminal cases and to ensure fair trial to accused persons.

He stated that the rights of citizens can only be protected through an impartial justice system. “Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. If people are not treated equally they will eventually take the law in their own hands, ultimately leading to a chaotic law and order situation and difficulty in establishing the writ of the government,” he opined.

Moreover, he remarked that according to the 18th Amendment Act, 2010 it is the fundamental right of every citizen to receive a fair trial, which is stated in Article 10 A of the constitution.

“Although this right was inserted through an amendment in the year 2010 but the superior courts already recognise it,” he opined.

He explained that in order to prevent law enforcement and intelligence agencies from using their powers arbitrarily and to regulate their powers in accordance with the law under proper executive and judicial oversight, ‘Investigation for Fair Trial Act, 2013’ was enacted.

“I am sure that by ensuring proper implementation of this right we can ensure the right of ‘access to justice to all’,” he added.

Judges of the Apex Court, Chief Justice Supreme Court Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Lahore High Court chief justice and judges, senior lawyers and law officers including foreign delegations also attended the convention.